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Notes to Self

things to remember while parenting small children

  • Searching every cupboard and drawer in the house may not result in finding your missing sewing project that you stashed somewhere while in labor well over a month ago. However, losing important sewing projects is a strong motivator for necessary home organization. Given that your home is approaching organized mode, here’s hoping said sewing project turns up soon.
  • Having two children who can walk/run means you have two children who can walk/run in opposite directions. This complicates supervision since you cannot split yourself in two. Be thankful that your children like to stick together in public so this is only a problem at home. We won’t worry about three children who can walk/run just yet.
  • Your toddler is an expert at self-entertaining. However, he may not choose the forms of self-entertainment you would select for him. You would love for him to draw nicely on paper, read books, or do puzzles. He may choose instead to:
    • draw on the table, floor, chairs, and walls
    • tear pages from books
    • throw puzzle pieces
    • taking three bites out of each ripe nectarine on the kitchen table
    • pull every baby wipe/kleenex out of the box
  • If your toddler does any of the above, be sure to remember that he does sometimes choose to entertain himself by:
    • completing puzzles nicely
    • reading books without ripping out pages
    • building block towers
    • drawing on paper
    • cleaning the house with the baby wipes he pulls out of the box
  • If a parenting tip works one day, be sure to thoroughly enjoy your success. The same trick may not work the next day.
  • Hugs, kisses, and “I love you, Mama!” are fantastic antidotes for sleep deprivation, general exhaustion, and bad days.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

17 thoughts on “Notes to Self”

  1. I laughed at 'your toddler is an expert at self-entertaining'. I am amazed at the mess Sunnyboy leaves behind him when self-entertaining! :)

  2. Um, yeah! I especially like the idea of enjoying the success of the parenting tips. Yeah. You are absolutely right!

  3. LOVE this post. Written very well, entertaining too:-). You are a great writer, by the way!

    I'll be back with my answer to enter the giveaway:-). Your new set-up/area for sewing is awesome. I know you are loving it, and so happy to have it!!

  4. Um, is the post on the wrong blog? I swear those are the contents of my brain – except the drawing on walls. Please don't give my girls any ideas.

    But yes, the hugs, kisses, "I love you"s and just the word, "Mama" make it worth it.

    I once invested in the toddler backpacks with leashes attached to try to keep a rein (ha!) on my twins. The first time I tried them, they ran in opposite directions, yanked my hand every which way, and ended up abruptly on their bottoms when the leashes tugged on them. We didn't try that again.

  5. ROTFLOL! You just described my house this past summer except I do have three and the boys run on opposite directions in public but not at home. Our number 1 rule is … WHEN IN PUBLIC WE MUST HAVE A SHOPPING CART OR STROLLER AND IT'S EVEN BETTER WHEN A SECOND ADULT COME ALONG.

  6. Fantastic, I love mommy humour. I remember my own would religiously pull out all the tissues from any box she could get her hands on, and usually whilst on one of her midnight wanders through the house. So note to self….don't leave boxes of tissues lying around.
    I no longer have any childish behavior issues to deal with, but pets seem to need approaching in just the same way.
    Note to self…..don't leave brand new expensive headset on the desk or extremely stupid cat will eat the mouth piece. Also, put away laptop charger cord as same said cat will chew through it!!!!
    One more note to self….check out ebay to see if above cat could possibly be auctioned off!

  7. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    That is so funny! And so true!!! Two kids in two directions is a bit like herding cats.

  8. This post made me smile; so I'm looking forward to when Levi is more "engaged" with the world but your post made me laugh because I realize it will get easier in ways and harder in other ways as he gets older, starts moving, and I have 2 movers to contend with . . . :-)

  9. I love it! Sounds just like my house. Sometimes though it is much easier to see the humor in someones situation then your own. Just think you will look back and read this in ten or fifteen years and get a good chuckle out of it. I keep a quote on my fridge that reminds me to savor these precious days with my newborn and two toddlers it says "Someday I will look back on today as the happiest time in my life!" Hugs and hang in there remember you are not alone and enjoy hugging all three of your precious babies even when they are driving you crazy:)

  10. Ha, the wipes/kleenex thing is my favorite. Ingrid doesn't get the whole cleaning with the wipes thing, though!

  11. Hey, he's eating! ;) Very funny on the running in opposite directions thing. When my little guy gets away from me now and I'm too tired to run, I yell, "I'm hiding! You can't find me!" and duck behind the stroller. It always works, but it makes others laugh at me too. I guess that won't work with two or three kids!

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