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Notebook sleeve

Fleece sleeve for my CR-48

I mentioned before that I found it much easier to sew than to pack for our trip! One thing I made was this sleeve for my beloved CR-48 notebook.

Fleece sleeve for my CR-48

I used the same technique I outlined in my laptop cozy tutorial, but I left out the batting and skipped the quilting step. The dual layer of fleece offers a decent amount of protection, and it was faster to put together – important since I was supposed to be packing!

Incidentally, we should be landing in Boston right around when this post goes live – time to start crafting unpacking!

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10 thoughts on “Notebook sleeve”

  1. Ooh, this reminds me that I’ve been meaning to make myself a laptop sleeve for way too long. I cringe every time I slide the unprotected tech-hunk into my general-purpose tote bag…

    P.S. That whole sewing when one should be packing sounds quite familiar! : )

  2. Creating and crafting is so much more rewarding than packing and easier to make a priority!

    Packing ahead of time is over-rated anyway :)

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