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Non-shape Sorter Toddler Activity

Orange season is the perfect time of year to pull out this favorite sorting toddler activity.

A simple sorting toy for toddlers that helps make them more aware of size.

My son Johnny has a  shape sorter, but he doesn’t quite get the shape sorting concept yet. This means that he gets very frustrated when he plays with it on his own and can’t get the circle to fit through the square hole. So when a box of oranges from Costco came in a box with square holes in the top, I knew immediately what we should do with it after eating the oranges.

Un-shape Sorter Toddler Activity

Have a toddler? Try this simple, free un-shape sorting toy!

Johnny and Emma both had a great time seeing which toys fit through the holes and which ones did not. Johnny also tried fitting his leg through, but managed to get unstuck all on his own. I don’t know why Emma insisted on wearing her coat (upside down) for the entire activity.

Use an orange box as a fun sorting toy for kids!

Besides keeping the kids happily busy for quite a while, this simple DIY toy helps to build spatial awareness! After a few tries, the kids were able to tell quickly whether or not a toy would fit through the openings in the box.

Haven’t got an orange box? Kleenex boxes work well for smaller toys, or you can always cut holes in the lid of a shoebox.

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