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Non-permanent wall decorations for kids

creative wall decor for kids

Looking for some creative, non-permanent wall decorations for kids? Emma and I created these decorations for her and Johnny’s room during a recent mother-daughter date. We used contact paper and Sharpie pens (my most recent craft splurge). I got the idea after researching vinyl wall stickies and realizing that you could create your own using colored contact paper. We only have clear contact paper, so we drew on it and then cut it out to put onto her wall. If you’re worried that your contact paper is too sticky, stick it to some fabric first to add some lint to decrease the stickiness. Just make sure the fabric is close in color to your wall, or the lint will show through. We did this with the first couple of pictures, and then realized that our contact paper wasn’t sticky enough to worry about it.

Let kids draw on walls without actually drawing on the walls!

The fairy photo shows how you can still see the outline of the contact paper on the wall. I think this works fine for fairies since it creates an aura of sorts around them, but you could also solve the problem by cutting out the shapes without leaving any extra contact paper around them. You can also cut out outlines of shapes using patterned contact paper or colored contact paper for a decoupage look.

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15 thoughts on “Non-permanent wall decorations for kids”

  1. I did something similar about 5 years ago when my daughter wanted an ocean themed room. I knew she’d outgrow it so I painted (w/ craft acrylics) on clear contact paper. She enjoyed having Nemo & his pals and Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder on her walls. Since they’re contact paper, they were easy to relocate to her brother’s bedroom once she got “too big” for them.

  2. Now this is an awesome idea!

    Thank you for sharing it! Hey, I owe you some answers via email. I’m getting to it:-). Things are looking up the last few days though and I hope they stay that way!!

  3. What a fun idea! I’m going to add this to our list of possible indoor activities to survive the long winter days ahead. :)

  4. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    *gasp* This is a GREAT idea!! Thanks for the fabric tip… how brilliant! Love their little drawings — so cute!

  5. @Heather – Emma does great with Sharpies. She loves using them. I never get them out unless Johnny is asleep or out with his dad though – he’s definitely still too young!

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