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No Sew Felt Food


Mike and I have been super busy getting our house ready to sell in preparation to our move to California. The kids were feeling a little unnerved by our busyness and the fact that a bunch of their toys have vanished into boxes, so today I took some time out and made some quick no sew felt food for their ALEX Toys play kitchen (I blog for ALEX Toys, and receive products from them, including those featured in this post). I have made no-sew felt food before, but it was worn out! These cookies were inspired by this post at ikat bag; I just didn’t take the time to stitch them. I just cut around the cookie cutters, and then cut out slightly smaller frosting pieces. Great for pretend play with some fun shape matching learning fun thrown in!

How to Make No-Sew Felt Food

The cookie cutters, as well as the cake-making dishes below, are from the ALEX Super Baking Set. I recommend wool felt or this less fancy but more affordable and reasonably nice polyester felt.


I cut around the base of the heart-shaped cake tray to make some cake batter, which conveniently turns into cake layers:


You could add a length of straight material and stitch it together the way I did for my pumpkin pie or bread slices, but we didn’t have time for that – I was supposed to be packing, after all! This way you can use the pieces as cake batter and then mix however many flavors you like to form your cake!


We made some eggs to go along with the Super Cooking Set, and Johnny especially enjoyed cooking them on the stove top! You can glue (with a glue stick or hot glue gun) the yolk onto the egg white; I didn’t and they still stuck together pretty well.



A few minutes of cutting felt turned into a solid hour of pretend play for my three-year-old and five-year-old – and these pieces could easily be transformed into a simple sewing project down the road for the seven-year-old, if she ever digs her head out of the many chapter books she is reading (four a the same time, last I counted).

This is an easy way to make custom play food for any play kitchen, and that meets the foods your family likes to eat! And if you’re ever looking for a play kitchen, I highly recommend this little set – all four of my kids adore it, and I love the small size. 

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

23 thoughts on “No Sew Felt Food”

  1. Felt is super useful! I love how it sticks to itself and other materials without need for further attaching or worrying about fray. I love pretend play and will probably use these ideas for J. We’ve made our own kitchen out of boxes and tables we already use on a daily basis (everything needs to be collapsible in a small apartment). Good luck packing! It’s a big move.

  2. I love your felt food! I’m going to have to try to add some homemade pieces to our set.

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Fabulous!! Love it that the small investment of your time reaped such huge dividends. Those eggs are sunny-side-up; my favourite! :)

  4. This is pretty awesome. My three year old is so into cooking (both helping with real cooking and pretend play). It’s cool listening to him making up recipes and meals!

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion the kids really could care less if there’s cute stitching on their toys.

    I need to make some more felt food.

  6. Oh my gosh, so cute. And seriously there is nothing my kids love better than to use scissors, they’ll cut all day if I let them :)

  7. That is BIG news! You’re moving to CA?! Where to? Could you please e-mail me your new address there? You have family somewhere there or not? We are thinking of going over next year and the states we’d most likely visit are CA, UT and Colorado.

    1. I will definitely send you my address, once we have one there! We won’t move there until sometime between August and November, depending when this house sells.

      My brother B lives in the LA area, and Mike has family in the Bay Area (where we are moving).

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