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Night Zookeeper Review: A Writing Program for Kids

Read this review of the Night Zookeeper writing curriculum for homeschoolers or after school (or in school) writing enrichment. Learn how to get a free trial to give it a go yourself!

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night zookeeper curriculum

Our Night Zookeeper Curriculum Review

My sister recommended Night Zookeeper to me a while ago, so when I was offered the chance to review this program, I decided to give it a go.

night zookeeper writing program for kids

I’m glad I did! While most of my children are too old for this program now, my 9-year-old adores it. My 12-year-old also enjoys it, but you can tell she is approaching the upper age limit for the curriculum.

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This program offers a parent dashboard where you can easily see everything your child is doing in the program – what they are writing, what they are learning, and how they are doing.

Night Zookeeper also offers feedback on writing. For my children, this was usually a comment asking them to write more. Sometimes a “fancier” word choice was offered.

night zookeeper writing

What Age is Night Zookeeper Best For?

This program is recommended for ages 5-12. I think that age range makes sense, and my 9-year-old LOVES it. She loved it from the very start, when she made this whimsical fox tortoise.

Night Zookeeper character creation

My 12-year-old enjoyed the vocabulary building part of the program, and I could see it being great for SAT prep if they made a more age appropriate version for older kids.

Night Zookeeper vocabulary practice

Is There an App?

There doesn’t seem to be an app. I think that, since there is a lot of typing, it’s best to use this program on a laptop or chromebook.

Can I use Night Zookeeper as a Full Curriculum for Language Studies?

Since it teaches writing, reading, vocabulary, spelling and grammar, it can be used as a full language arts curriculum. It can also build important computer keyboarding skills.

In our house, we use this program in addition to other reading and writing exercises that happen off screen. I’m still a big believer in paper and pen/pencil work. For my children, this includes my Question a Day journals.

Is Night Zookeeper Good for Dyslexia?

While this program does not feature a dyslexia friendly font like the kindle e-readers my children love, it does have buttons that your child can click on to read out text if they are struggling to read.

Night Zookeeper Free Trial

With this program, everyone gets a 7 day free trial, all the time! This is great, because it gives you a chance to try the program out before you pay.

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Night Zookeeper Coupon

Right Now, Night Zookeeper is running a 50% discount on your annual subscription – no coupon code required! This sale runs through 8/31/22.

Have you ever tried the Night Zookeeper program with your kids? What did you think?

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of people really like the program, mine are too old for it, like most of yours, so I haven’t really looked into it.

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