The Best New Health Technology from CES 2017

Check out the best new health technology from CES 2017. Amazing innovations ranging from monitoring heart health to improving sleep and diagnosing autism.

Check out these amazing new health innovations from CES 2017!

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I spent last week walking the HUGE exhibit halls of CES 2017. This massive convention attracted over 165,000 people! I discovered incredible innovation across the board. I decided to break my favorites from the convention into a few categories, starting with the best new health technology from CES 2017.

The Best New Health Technology from CES 2017

With amazing innovations ranging from monitoring heart health to improving sleep and diagnosing autism, there was something for everyone at CES 2017!

Using Eye Tracking to Revolutionize Vision and Health Tests

RightEye is a fascinating company that tracks eye movements. Tracking tests evaluate individuals for autism and Parkinson’s disease. The tests can also assess vision problems and reading disorders. These tests are all quick and painless – my kind of assessment.

Blood Pressure Watch

Omron is making a watch that can measure your blood pressure for patients who require constant monitoring. The watch connects to an app on your phone. If you can’t wait until Spring 2017, they already have a wireless arm blood pressure band.

Train Yourself to Fall Asleep

Did you now that nearly half of Americans struggle to fall asleep? This is rarely a problem for me as a sleep-deprived mom, but I was still intrigued by the 2breathe Sleep Inducer. This device measures your natural breathing. It then uses this data to create personalized breathing exercises that help you fall asleep.

A Tank Top ECG Monitor

Mitsufuji has created a tank top that can run an electrocardiogram! A small sensor attaches to the top, which uses silver conductive threads to constantly monitor health. The device deliver ECG, heartrate, and EMG results, as well as breathing rates, accelerating rates, temperature, and more.

The best new health technology from CES 2017

What new technology do you find most fascinating? What do we need to invent?

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  1. Health monitors are so high tech these days! Thanks for sharing these finds from CES! I’m only monitoring my weight on old fashioned scales at my boxing gym. I don’t use anything else.

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