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Needle Felt Art – Paint with Wool

Wool painting is easy even for children – and very forgiving. Needle felt art makes a wonderfully calm and relaxing hobby. Read our review of a kit that even my nine-year-old can make easily.

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needle felt art craft review

How to Needle Felt Art

We used a kit to create this needle felt art, but you can also use wool roving, a needle felting needle, and a sheet of muslin to create something similar. Kits are fun for beginners, because they break everything down step by step. Timberdoodle sent us this this grazing sheep kit to test. My craft-loving nine-year-old was able to complete this kit with minimal assistance from me.

Wool Painting Video

I created a video of my nine-year-old daughter Anna working on her creation to give you a better idea of how this works:

You can also watch and share this video on YouTube.

If you watch all the way to the end you’ll see that she is working on top of a foam mat. That is really important! You can’t needle felt on top of a solid surface; the needle needs to go all the way through your work and into something soft.

Needle Felting Art Photos

If you prefer still photos, this section is for you! I didn’t include every step, but there is enough there to get a good idea of how this craft works.

needle felting

Start off with a base layer. Muslin or a similar woven fabric works well for the base. As I mentioned before, you’ll want to work on top of a foam or wool mat so that you don’t destroy your needle. As much as possible, keep your needle going in and out of the project straight up and down. It’s more likely to break if you try felting with your needle at an angle.

making wool art

If you’re going to use an embroidery hoop to frame your work, you’ll want to take a break periodically. Lay the hoop on top of your work to make sure it will end up framed the way you want it.

making a painting out of wool

You can work small inner details with the frame in place, but in general it’s easier to work without it there.

wool painting for beginners

Once you’re happy with your final product, frame it and enjoy! I adore the calm feeling of wool paintings. My daughter has her completed needle felted art project hanging from a hook above her bed.

needle felting for kids

Needle felting can feel intimidating, but if you give it a try I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

Have you made any needle felt art?

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