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Nature Crafts for Kids

Gathering sticks to craft with

The kids used some of their free time over their winter break to tinker. Inspired by the movie Tinker Bell, which they saw during the break for the first time, they went outdoors to gather their materials.

gathering nature craft materials

Some of their materials turned out to be a bit too large to bring inside, but most fit inside their gathering box without any trouble. They brought in sticks, leaves, and rocks.

Setting up supplies

Once inside, they added a few man-made materials: scissors, tape, markers, stamps, yarn, and fabric scraps.

House and clothing for a stuffed squirrel

Emma soon turned an empty cereal box into a squirrel nest. She added a small hat and various articles of squirrel clothing made from paper scraps and fabric scraps. She also turned sticks into fishing poles and signs.

Improvised baby doll blanket

Johnny made a blanket for his baby doll, who he then put to sleep.

Improvised baby doll blanket

Lily decided that was a great idea – and with a tiny amount of assistance, her baby soon had a blanket too!

I’m hoping to see a LOT of nature crafting this spring and summer!

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles
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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

18 thoughts on “Nature Crafts for Kids”

  1. Yah, getting kinda cold for outsides stuff : ( The squirrel nest is such a great idea and I love how your children take such good care of their babies. Gathering outside is so great for creativity and good idea bring the big box out with you for collecting!

  2. Cute! Abby loves that Tinkerbell movie and is always building things. Do you have any Tinker Toys? Abby has used them to make something almost every single day, since we bought them for Christmas 4 years ago! I highly recommend them, as they are open ended toys. Ours are the plastic pink ones.

  3. I always enjoy seeing your children imagination at work. Bringing outside inside is not something my husband is thrilled about, but I see how much fun it can be.

  4. Elisa | blissfulE

    You did a wonderful job capturing the magic of make-believe with your photos, MaryAnne! And I love Emma’s coat! I wonder if she would let me borrow it during my winter here when it’s summer time for her? :)

  5. I always love to see what children come up with.Such a joy to watch them create something.Thanks for sharing.My daughter is also into Tinkerbell at the moment,must rent the film for her ;)

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