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Moon Activity for Kids – Storybook Science

A creative moon activity for kids. They’ll never see the night sky the same way again!

What do you see when you look at the moon? Use this creative activity as a lead-in to a unit on space.

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This week we combined a reading of Kitten’s First Full Moon with this fun creative moon activity for kids that doubles (if you want it to) as a wonderful lead-in to a space unit for kids. I created a simple free moon activity printable to make it even easier for you to enjoy this activity with your own children or students! Once they get curious about the moon, you can introduce them to these wonderful non-fiction books about Space for further exploration:

As well as these fun fiction books:

And these fun Space Activities:

Moon Activity for Kids

Creative lead-in to a unit on space: What do you see when you look at the moon?

This activity was super easy to put together! I used our moon photo from the Supermoon last September, put it on a sheet of paper, and told the kids to see what they could find. At first they didn’t see anything, but pretty soon they were finding all sorts of fun pictures in the moon’s craters!

A simple creative activity is a great way to grab children's attention so that they are curious about a new subject.

We talked about the moon has craters because it has been hit by many asteroids and meteors. Our own planet has also been hit by many asteroids and meteors over the years, but since things grow on the earth these craters get covered up and grown over. Lake Manicouagan is one of the clearer sites of asteroid damage that you can find on our own planet earth. When something hits the moon, there are no plants, no water, no wind to cover them up – so they stay forever, frozen in time.


I loved all the different things my children saw in the moon! Here is what the wrote:

Emma (10 years old):

  • Princess Leia
  • A steamboat
  • Moon Startdust soup
  • A sugar cookie
  • Smiley Face
  • An igloo

Johnny (8 years old):

  • A guy
  • Pacman
  • A mini guy
  • A bridge

Lily (6 years old):

  • A face with a shirt and hair and sunglasses
  • An arrow pointing to a circle.

Lily found more when she woke up the next morning:

  • Three circles
  • A spoon

Anna (3 years old)

  • A worm
This printable is a fun, creative lead-in to get kids wanting to learn more about space.

What do you see when you look at the moon? Give this paper to your kids and see what they say!

More Space Activities for Kids

Do you know of a book or moon activity for kids that my children would enjoy?

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