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Monthly Goals for May 2022

Every month I set simple goals to provide a little structure to the month and to motivate me to focus on what I care about instead of getting distracted. Here are my monthly goals for May 2022.

Monthly goals for May 2022

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How Did April 2022 Go?

What You'll Find on This Page

I kept my April goals pretty simple, and as a result they went well.

The kids and I all thoroughly enjoyed spring break. Emma and I LOVED Craftcation, and you can find highlights of the crafts I made here (a little bit of everything) and here (dye projects). I also loved spending time with Emma on the beach and hanging out in our hotel room. We watched Little Women and a couple of other movies I can’t think of right now in the evenings. It’s really hard to find time to watch anything together at home (especially without the younger kids), so this was really lovely.

We also discovered Harvest Cafe, an incredibly delicious vegetarian restaurant in Ventura with only gluten free food. That was a treat!

My friend Gwen met up with us there, and I got to sell a few copies of my first journaling book for kids and some notebooks I made at a trunk show there.

My other goals aren’t completed, but I made decent progress on them in April. I got a little blogging done, made some solid arrangements for our epic Europe trip this fall, and worked on the media campaign for my new journaling book for kids.

May 10th is the official release date! You can pre-order it by clicking on the image above.

This wasn’t a goal, but I’ve been writing a lot of songs and I finally recorded one last month.

The words are based off of a letter sent by a close Ukrainian friend in early March. I have a lot to learn about recording quality, but it felt important to send this one out to the world right now.

Monthly Goals for May 2022

setting monthly goals to stay focused - May 2022 edition

I’m keeping May goals pretty simple, too.

  • Keep blogging. I enjoy it, it earns money for my family, and it adds meaning to my life. Focus: work and habit
  • Keep planning our UK trip. We have plane tickets booked and some accommodation arranged. We need to finish the accommodation search and start planning out itineraries. If I have extra time, I’ll also work on finding curriculum for the kids (they’ll be homeschooling), but that will likely get pushed to the fall. Focus: build and purpose
  • Launch my new journaling book – it ships May 10th! Focus: work and purpose
  • Support the kids through their last full month of school. They are all tired and ready for summer vacation, and I think it will be nice to leave public school behind for a return to home schooling this fall. Focus: encourage and build
  • Enjoy Mother’s Day! I am very grateful to have children. Focus: purpose
  • Try to record at least one more song. Focus: build and purpose

I think that is enough to keep busy this month!

What’s with the words in italics? Heal is my word of the year for 2022, but I’m using the six words the word of the year generator gave me before “heal” as focus words (habit, persist, purpose, work, encourage, build).

What are your monthly goals for May 2022?

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MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Congrats on your new book! Your last one was great.
    It sounds like April was a good month for you. I’m also glad you’ve got blogging as one of your goals. It’ll be good to hear more from you here. :)

  2. Hi MaryAnne,

    I have a review copy of your new book and I love it!!!! Where should I go to leave reviews?


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