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Setting Monthly Goals for March 2021

Focus on what you want to achieve and what you care about most by setting monthly goals. Here are my goals for March 2021.

March goals for 2021

What a 12 month months we’ve had since March 2020! This has been on my mind, because I teach school and I have students who now have not shown up for a single day of school in 12 months. I have a daughter celebrating her second pandemic birthday.

But things are looking up, and it’s not just that, here in California, flowers are blooming. Mike had an oncology team meeting on Monday, and he’s doing so well that he won’t even have to go back until June. This is amazing news!

I’m hopeful that things will get back to normal sooner rather than later, even in highly populated areas like Silicon Valley. I might even end up teaching my students in person instead of over Zoom for the last few weeks of the year!

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Looking Back at February 2021

It’s amazing how much losing a couple of days can shorten a month! February always whizzes by for me, and this year was certainly no exception. We enjoyed celebrating my daughter Emma’s birthday together as a family. It’s so strange to not have friend parties.

I’m a homebody and I am able to work from home, so this strange year has treated me more kindly than many. I am still barely keeping up with teaching zoom school, homeschooling my two younger children, and everything else that comes with being the mother of four children. I try to blog here from time to time, but it’s scant at the moment. I’m not planning to teach next fall, so hopefully this blog will come back to life.

I actually wasn’t planning to teach this year, but there was something of an emergency we desperately need you situation. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know my students and playing music with them every day. I will miss them, but life will be saner when the year is over.

February Creativity

One really exciting thing happened in February: I got print copies of the Question a Day Journal for Kids that I wrote last year! It goes on sale in a few days (you can pre-order it now, though, also!) This was very much a labor of love that I created out of my lifelong journal writing habit. My kids and siblings helped me come up with questions, and I’m thrilled with the finished product.

I incorporated my sanity habits of swimming every weekday in February, and played some sort of music and crafted a little bit nearly every day also. Right now I’m focusing on crochet for crafting, since it’s easy to pick up, make a tiny bit of progress on, and then set back down. I look forward to sewing more when I have more time.

I crocheted Little Red Riding Hood’s head and hair from the Once Upon a Time… in Crochet book years ago at Anna’s request. Then life intervened, and I got distracted and it sat in my crochet bag. I’m working to finish that doll now. So far she has her head (of course – it was already done although she needs her hat) and 1.8 legs. I need more “sit and listen” work meetings so I can finish her. A lot of my meetings are pretty hands on, though, so we’ll see.

Setting Monthly Goals for March 2021

March 2021 Monthly Goals

I’m in a little bit of a holding pattern until the school year ends, so I’m keeping my March goals simple – and very similar to my February goals!

  • Work to keep my students engaged. It’s really hard to go to school over Zoom, and the students I teach often live in noisy, crowded, and un-ideal for learning circumstances. Focus: education and mindfulness
  • Maintain what I feel like are “sanity habits”: swimming or walking every day, crafting every day, and making time for some sort of music every day. Ideally music in addition to the music I’m teaching for school! Focus: mindfulness and gratitude
  • Continue to prioritize family time. Focus: gratitude

Pretty simple, but I think that’s more than enough for now, given everything else that is happening in my life.

What are your goals for March 2021?

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