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Monthly Goals for September 2023

Monthly goals for September 2023. Every month I set a few reachable goals as a way to staying motivated and focusing on what I want to accomplish.

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I can’t believe we’re starting a new month; but I feel that way every month. We have a heat wave instead of cooler temperatures this week, but we started school early and it feels like this year is well on its way already. This year I have three high schoolers and one middle schooler; it’s my first year without an elementary school aged child. A bittersweet milestone!

How did August Go?

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August is birthday month in my house, so I stuck with simple goals for August.

We enjoyed celebrating Mike, Lily, and Anna’s birthdays, although we pushed Anna’s actual birthday party into September so that’s part of this month’s focus.

The kids are settling well into a new school year, and my senior is working on college applications. I got a little more blogging done (a new post on playing the ukulele and another featuring our favorite games and activities for mixed age groups. I also updated my list of dragon stories for kids and this ancient (but adorable) preschool Halloween craft post.

I have a lot of posts in draft, so hopefully I’ll get more of those published this month.

I got some crafting done, and a little more music done. Nothing to share for either yet, though!

setting goals - monthly goals September 2023

Monthly Goals for September 2023

My husband is in India for a lot of September; there’s always something like that that makes life a little more complicated than expected. He is super excited about taking a group of students on this trip! It’s just a shame we couldn’t join him.

Here’s what I’m hoping to get done:

  • Blog! I have so many posts that just need to be finished and published.
  • Keep playing music and crafting, because I love both.
  • Declutter, especially going through my children’s clothing and sorting out things that don’t fit them any more. They’ve all been on major growth spurts. Half of them are now taller than me (barely), and the third child is nearly there. My youngest is still small, but also growing very fast right now.

That’s it for me! Nothing remarkable, but all things I want to prioritize this month.

What are your September goals for 2023?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Goals for September 2023”

  1. I need to declutter too. I’ve got a big pile of games to give away to anyone who wants it. It’s a slow process I don’t really like doing.
    That’s so exciting to visit India with students, and it is a shame you couldn’t go too. Imagine all the cool things you could have seen with your kids!

    1. The kids and I were all disappointed we couldn’t go along on this adventure. Hopefully some other time!

      Decluttering makes a huge difference, but there is so much decision making. It’s definitely a time consuming process.

  2. Oh yes, the first semester of senior year! Stressful times – good luck to E with her application and college selections. Our main goal for September is to adjust to our life as empty nesters :)

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