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Monthly Goals for December 2023

Monthly goals for December 2023. Every month I set a few reachable goals as a way to stay motivated and focus on what I want to accomplish.

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December 2023 goals

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I love fall and winter and Christmas, so December is always a happy month for me – even with the event schedule sometimes making life a little hectic.

While I’m enjoying cooler temperatures, California still doesn’t truly understand winter. The photos in this post are from our months in Oxford, taken around the time we went ice skating outside.

How did November Go?

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We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year, and we all benefited from the quiet time at home. My 17-year-old made all of the food apart from the Turkey and gravy, so I even had a pretty relaxed cooking day on Thanksgiving itself.

Christmas is pretty much organized. Getting this done before December is my favorite way to create a meaningful – and low stress – holiday season. We put up our tree, and we’re working our way through our caroling advent calendar.

I updated a bunch of old blog posts, and wrote new ones about Christmas at Blenheim Palace and a review of Khan Academy’s Khanmigo AI tutor.

Monthly Goals for December 2023

Monthly Goals for December 2023

For me, December is a huge family time and focus-on-the-moment month. I do, however, have some goals.

  • Celebrate my son’s 16th birthday. They grow up so fast! He is very pleased to have completed all of his driver’s training in November, and he can’t wait to get his license. California requires 6 months of permit driving, though, so he has some time to get more practicing in before he takes the test.
  • Enjoy photoshoots. I sideline as a photographer, and I have a bunch of gigs this month. December is always a busy photography season.
  • Get a little crafting done. I have some fun projects that can be done in bits and pieces.
  • Enjoy winter break!
  • Celebrate Christmas and New Years! I’m excited to see which word my Word of the Year Generator gives me for 2024.

What are your December goals for 2023?

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  1. Your comment about crafting reminded me I have a craft I need to get done this week and I need to find Jeff’s stocking and repair it. Leezard may have gotten to it last Christmas trying to get food.
    It’s amazing to me how much older our kids are, 16? Wow! Happy 16th birthday!
    Texas requires six months too I think before you can get your license.

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