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Setting Monthly Goals for April 2022

Every month I set a few goals. It’s nothing fancy, just a way to figure out what I want to focus on. Some goals are serious, others are just for fun. Here are my monthly goals for April 2022.

April 2022 monthly goals

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How Did I Do With March Goals?

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I did okay with March goals! We picked dates for our fall trip to the UK. We’ll be leaving mid August, and we’ll return home at the end of December. There are still tons of other details that I have to work on, but having dates (and plane tickets!) is a good start!

I did enjoy time with the kids while Mike was on his first business trip in two years. He sent us fun email updates of what he was doing, which was fun.

I finished the duffle bag on April 1st. So, one day late, but at least I nearly made the deadline! It was perfect for our first road trip of 2022, and I’ll be using it again this week as I head to Craftcation with my daughter Emma.

I also finished the tablecloths, and will blog about that soon. It was a good sewing month!

I also got more blogging done. I’m hoping to continue (and, ideally, expand) that trend for 2022.

I did a little organizing and decluttering. It’s just a constant job.

Not a bad month!

Setting Monthly Goals for April 2022

My Goals for April 2022

April is in Gorgeous in the part of California where I live. Here are my goals for this month:

  • Enjoy spring break with my kids. We’ve already started with a road trip to visit my brother and his family. I’ll spend the second half of the week with my oldest daughter at Craftcation in Ventura. We are both looking forward to all the crafting, and the rare mother daughter time without younger siblings! Focus: encourage and build
  • Keep blogging. It’s so good to get back to this after teaching eating up most of my spare time these past two years. Focus: work and habit
  • Keep planning our UK trip. It’s complicated, moving overseas for four months with four kids. But it’s an incredible opportunity that we plan to make the most of! Focus: build and purpose
  • Work on my book launch! I have a new journaling book coming out in May! This one targets children aged 6-9, and I love the prompts. Please get in touch if you would like a review copy of the book – I still have a few available.

What’s with the words in italics? Heal is my word of the year for 2022, but I’m using the six words the word of the year generator gave me before “heal” as focus words (habit, persist, purpose, work, encourage, build):

What are your goals for April 2022?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Heal is such a good word for 2022.

    I need to find a way to make sure I sew a little bit each month, I was doing the quilt block of the month, but I don’t want to just make endless quilts, also, I don’t like quilting the top as much as assembling the tops.

    Maybe I need to create a list of clothing items I would like to make.

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