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Month in review and October goals

The best time of year to live in New England.

September was the month of figuring out life with three children under four. Overall, it’s gone great. I’m lucky two have two older children who typically get along very well, and Lily sleeps well also (if you ignore the occasional nights when she decides to have a party with mom in the wee hours of the morning and Monday night when she woke up wanting to play for three hours right when I was hoping to fall asleep for the night).

I only did okay with regards to reaching my September goals. We visited a farm (I left my camera home for the umpteenth time, so no photos. Someday I will remember to visit a farm WITH my camera.) We didn’t go to a farmer’s market because I was just feeling intimidated about taking the three kids there on my own. I did, however, buy farm produce when we visited the farm, which sort of counts? All three kids have had one-on-one time with both parents several times this month, and it’s something I want to consciously continue. We had at least one play date with friends a week, usually more, plus one birthday party and a few get-togethers with families we are friends with who have similarly-aged children.

Looking at annual goals:

  • Find places to keep all those odds and ends that get stashed in random places: I’ve done some reorganizing this month (thanks in large part to the no longer missing but still no idea where it was sewing project). My house feels cluttered, though, and it’s driving me nuts, so I need make a lot more progress in this area in October.
  • Potty training: No longer a goal for this year, but bound to reappear in 2010.
  • Get Johnny to eat more solid food: Much better this month than last, thanks in large part to muffin tin meals. I never participate in Muffin Tin Monday, but I owe this idea to Michelle and the many blogs I read that do participate.
  • Be more patient with cooking/baking that involves a rolling pin: Ignored. I do plan to use it to make some sugar cookies in October, though, so the kids can use the cookie cutters they got in our pay it forward package.
  • Take the kids outdoors more: We did pretty well in this area, thanks to beautiful New England autumn weather.
  • Get the kids to sleep through the night better: LOTs of improvement here. I’ve negotiated a deal with Emma where, for every five nights she doesn’t wake us up, she gets a lollipop. I hear her in the middle of the night, whispering to herself, “Lollipop. Three more days and I get a lollipop.” So, she’s still waking up, but she is letting us stay asleep – and that I definitely appreciate. Emma also suggested the use of a butterfly nightlight and some stuffed animals and her baby doll to comfort her when she gets scared. I do occasionally hear her whimpering and then I go in, talk to her briefly, hand he a stuffed animal to cuddle, and she falls back asleep. Johnny is not sleeping through the night, but given that Emma has had pretty severe sleep issues from birth (typically sleeping no more than 15 minutes at a time for her first few months of life) I’m feeling optimistic.

As for October goals:

  • Enjoy autumn, the best time of year to live in New England.
  • Organize my house a bit better.
  • Figure out Halloween costumes.
  • Enjoy visits from Mike’s aunt and cousin, my brother (yet another one), and my mother-in-law.
  • Fix up some remaining blog switchover issues.
  • Upload templates and patterns as pdf files for easier downloads (assuming this is possible – I think it is, but I’m not sure).

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

10 thoughts on “Month in review and October goals”

  1. Elisa @ blissfulE

    Love the lollipop whispers. Sounds live you’re speaking Emma’s language with that incentive. I love it that we’re dealing with similar age kids – very encouraging for me to hear about your struggles, goals, and triumphs!

  2. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    My house is feeling totally cluttered these days too, so I’ll be working with you on decluttering for October. Great progress with the sleeping.. Emma lollipop comments are so cute!

  3. Hearing her talk about the lollipop — hilarious!! I’ve been trying to teach my son the meaning of “deal”, like we’ll make a deal that if he sleeps through the night, he gets X, but he doesn’t get it. In fact, in the morning when I ask him how many times he woke up mommy, he says “none,” even if I’m up and down all night. I think he’s in so much of a sleepy haze that he doesn’t remember. He’s slept through the night a handful of times recently but always followed by another night of frequent night-waking. I actually think he sleeps through the night because I get so exhausted that I don’t hear him over the monitor (he never cries, just sort of says “mamamama”). Anyway, sounds like you are doing GREAT. If I had three kids under 4, my goal would be “survived another month.”

  4. I love your review posts. I hope you will enjoy a peaceful and productive October. I remember constant wakings – Anna didn’t sleep through the night until she turned about 20 months. Fortunately, one day she “switched” into a good sleeper. I keep my fingers crossed that she continues the trend after we move her to a big girl bed. Most likely it will happen shortly before she is in college :)

  5. Very funny about “lollipop” in the middle of the night!

    Will you sew their costumes, just wondering:-)?

    October will be my month for “figuring out life” with four!!

    You are great to set monthly goals!!

  6. I have an award for you!

    It looks like you are doing pretty good with your goals. I’m glad the kids are sleeping a little better.

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