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Month in Review and October Goals

autumn leaves

Autumn is my favorite time of year in New England, and this year the leaves seem especially vibrant, making it easy to take on my September goals. Our apple picking trip was rained out (rescheduled for October), but we spent much of September outside, and I managed to dry most of our laundry outside. I was very grateful for my dryer on cold and rainy days, though! I packed up and donated eight boxes of stuff, and I picked up the Simplicity patterns I had been hoping to get. I sewed up some simple baby shoes for Lily and Prince Pants for Johnny.

And, does anyone remember this shirt? It actually fits now – two years later, even if I can’t get Johnny to stay still for pictures!

Johnny wearing his Grandpa's repurposed shirt
I also finished the little crochet bear, that was started at least one year ago…

2010small crocheted bear
He’s already hidden away to become a Christmas present – hence the dark night-time photo. He was originally going to have black ears and arms and legs, but I discovered that it is WAY harder to crochet black yarn – at least black yarn that isn’t tightly wound. I couldn’t see where the openings were for the hook! The fact that this is a Christmas present means I can FINALLY link up to A Present a Week at Works in Progress!

The cleaning schedule was interesting. I didn’t completely stick to it, in part because on a couple days we were gone all day when there was an area that was assigned for that day that really needed to be cleaned. And other days we were home, but the area I had scheduled didn’t need as much help as other parts of the house. And then there was the five pounds of spilled flour day, and the sand all over the house day… I did find the schedule useful in showing Mike and the kids what they could do to help, and in helping me to focus in the (rare) moments when I had free time and wasn’t sure where to start! So I think it is making a difference. And it was liberating to ignore less-serious cleaning a couple times because that part of the house was scheduled to be cleaned in a day or two. Counters and bookshelves were ignored the most, but I did go through all three kids’ clothes one day, and that wasn’t even on the list…

I measured Emma for a sloper, but that was so complex that we’ll see if I dare to try to actually make the sloper. We are going to the Massachusetts Cape for one week in October (thanks to Mike’s very generous aunt and uncle letting us use a timeshare there!), so maybe I’ll bring some drafting stuff along and see if I can get it done there, while I’m away from the cooking and cleaning? I tried drafting a pattern for a hat for myself this month, and it’s all cut out and ready to be sewn up, so maybe I’ll see how that works out first!

October will be a busy month in our house. We’re putting in a new front door (that will hopefully actually fit, close when you want it to close, and open when you want it to open, eliminating the constant drafts of the last three years), and building shelves in the pantry and laundry room, and putting a second hanging rack in the kids’ closets so they can actually reach their clothes. I’m hoping the extra storage space will help my unending quest for organization! We are all looking forward to seeing Mike’s family, and a repeat of last year’s very fun visit to Yarmouth. Here are my goals for October:

  • Go apple picking. Target Area: health and education
  • Continue with my cleaning schedule, focusing on the oft-abandoned counters and bookshelves. Target Area: peace
  • Find some more stuff to give away so I have less stuff to clean. Target Area: charity and peace
  • Enjoy visits from Mike’s mom, sister, Grandma, and other relatives. Target Area: gratitude
  • Make the most of our trip to Yarmouth. Target Area: gratitude and education
  • Make the hat I drafted. Target Area: education
  • Try drafting a sloper for Emma (bonus goal). Target Area:education

monthly goals at mama smiles

What are your goals for October?

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MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

13 thoughts on “Month in Review and October Goals”

  1. It’s so strange to see autumn leaves, when here in Australia we’re just starting to see spring blossom! I’ve just dropped in from Deb’s blog to check out your gorgeous bear! Lovely work, I must learn to crochet. See you again in A Present A Week!

  2. Mary Anne, you are so awesome and I truly mean that. I cannot seem to do much right lately and honestly am having a pretty hard time. You are doing so good to get all accomplished each month like you do. You have some amazing talents and life skills too. You are a wonderful mother and person!
    .-= Susana´s last blog ..Homeschool Week 14 =-.

  3. As always, fabulous goals and job well done last month, MaryAnne :) Just couldn’t resist commenting on the little crochet bear — so full of love and so cozy! Whomever is getting this as a present is a very lucky child (I’m guessing it’s the bear-lover of the bunch? I think you might have mentioned it before).

  4. @Ticia – We’ll see if I actually pull the sloper idea off… The tutorial on ikat bag seems pretty thorough, and it’s something I would LOVE to learn!

  5. Worthy goals all. I am curious – what is a sloper? I hope you will have a fantastic time on your October vacation.
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Month in Review and October Goals =-.

    1. @Natalie – A sloper is a pattern designed to fit a single person perfectly – designed based on their measurements. It’s something I would love to learn to make, especially as Emma has inherited her father’s unbelievably slim build, making it nearly impossible to find clothes that fit her properly…

      I think our October vacation will be a lot of fun, and it will be very nice to have Mike off work for an entire week!

  6. Our goals are quite similar this month (time away and getting rid of stuff), though I’m doing less sewing and more painting… come to think of it though, I may be reupholstering the headboard of our bed this month, and that’s pretty close to sewing. :)
    .-= Elisa | blissfulE´s last blog ..month in review and October goals =-.

    1. @Jennifer – Oh, I hope you do – I would love for you to link up! =)

      @Kylie – It’s the only way I get anything done ;)

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