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Month in Review and May Goals

Me and Lily

April really flew by in our house! I’m sure at least part of that was our trip, and then people being sick. We finally got some proper spring weather, and we are thoroughly enjoying it – and trying our best to get our yard in order after months of neglect!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with family, and we got the kids readjusted to home life within a couple weeks of getting back. I’m not sure which part of the adjustment was tougher, the time zone or returning to rules at home. Our drive to Arizona and back to Vegas was successful, with some particularly entertaining commentary from Emma! I donated several bags of clothing with a few toys as well.

The big news for May is that I’m starting a weekly geography feature on this blog, starting in June! Ideally, it will feature guest bloggers, so if you are interested in writing a guest post on this blog about your favorite country/continent/city including at least one activity or book recommendation for kids, please email me at mamasmilesblog at gmail dot com?

Here are my May goals:

  • Get guest bloggers for my geography feature. Target Area: education
  • Make a button for my weekly geography feature – suggestions? Target Area: education
  • Play outside! Target Areas: gratitude, peace, and health
  • Work on our garden. If you’re looking to build a raised garden bed, I highly recommend this kit, but if possible buy it at Costco where it is nearly half price! Target Areas: education and health
  • Find a wading pool, since ours broke last summer. Target Areas: health and peace
  • Attempt to make a copy of my favorite (most comfortable) skirt before it falls to pieces. Target Area: education

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

13 thoughts on “Month in Review and May Goals”

  1. I read this post way back the day it posted…I want to say though, I really like your hair!! You cut it, right?? You always impress me with your ability to set and accomplish goals each month.

    1. Thanks! The blog keeps me accountable, quite a bit. And I set goals I’m pretty sure I can meet =)

      And yes, I did cut my hair – thanks!

  2. Lily looks like she is in the summer mood while you are still wearing a jacket :) I’ll be happy to guest post about Russia, Germany or France.

    1. I would LOVE guest posts from you on any of those three countries! I think we’ll have a Storied Cities guest post on books about Paris, but that’s all I have from any of those countries so far.

      Lily was probably more appropriately dressed for this particular day – I get cold easily!

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    What a great picture! I love your wavy hair, and Lily is so cute pointing at the camera. :)

    I’d be happy to write guest posts on Egypt or Perth, Australia, or both. There are a lot of other places I could write about, too, so just let me know. Looking forward to reading others’ posts as well!

    1. I would love guest posts on either or both! The plan is to have a guest post every Thursday, starting in June =)

    1. I would love a guest post from you! You always have fantastic geography ideas!

      Good luck with your baby pool search =)

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