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Month in review and December goals

migrating birds

I can’t believe we’re already down to the last month of 2009! Apparently the birds can’t believe it either; Mike snapped this shot of migrating birds Thanksgiving Day!

As for my monthly goals, I think November ran away from me a bit. Let’s take a look:

  • I did go through the kids’ toys, donate several and toss a few that were worn out. I plan to do a second, more aggressive round in December.
  • I started, but did not finish, going through hand-me-down toys from friends sitting in the garage.
  • I removed some clutter from the kitchen and bookshelves. I did keep the clutter I removed from reappearing, so it’s a step in the right direction…
  • Our “25 Days of Giving” for December is mostly set. Today we’ll be making cards for the pilot and crew of the two flights we’ll be on to Austria – thanks, Maile, for the idea!
  • Our Gratitude Chain went really well, and even remained intact (with a couple of minor repairs). It also helped teach at least Emma something about gratitude; yesterday she came and told me to write “kids are thankful for their dolls” on the chain!
  • I made a texture book for Lily, but didn’t get activity books made for the kids. Instead I have two Hello Kitty coloring pads courtesy of Target’s dollar section, and stickers and pads of paper. I’m hoping they’ll sleep through at least part of the second (longer) flight.
  • I did manage to get Emma to dress warmly on our trip to the Cape, and she only has long sleeves and long pants in her suitcase for Austria (she did not see me pack). I did not surreptitiously remove ALL summer attire from her wardrobe and hide it in the attic, and as a result she has not been dressing remotely warmly at home. She also avoids leaving the  house because she doesn’t want to dress warmly – she even turned down a trip to Target, one of her favorite activities.
  • Thanksgiving dinner went well with lots of help from my sister E, who is a fantastic cook! I managed the turkey, gravy, and rolls; she made fantastic sweet potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and TWO kinds of cranberry sauce!
  • BONUS goal: I fixed a couple far from all of the remaining blog switchover issues. I started one handmade Christmas gift but messed it up, so I need to start over.

On to annual goals:

  • Find places to keep all those odds and ends that get stashed in random places: In spite of not meeting my specific goal for November, I do feel like this is going better overall. It helped to get rid of some of the kids’ toys.
  • Potty training: We had a couple of completely random accidents this month. It would appear that Emma prioritizes wardrobe selection over going to the bathroom. Hopefully it remains a couple of isolated incidents…
  • Get Johnny to eat more solid food: Johnny believes that he should subsist on milk and treats. Still working on this.
  • Be more patient with cooking/baking that involves a rolling pin: Ignored. Maybe I’ll make something at my mom’s house.
  • Take the kids outdoors more: More failure than success, which is particularly distressing since Johnny has much happier days when he gets outside. At this point success in this area is tied to success in the “get Emma to dress warmly” area.
  • Get the kids to sleep through the night better: We did really well for the first half of the month, and then HORRIBLY for the second half. I don’t think I got more than two hours of sleep Sunday night… Lily and Johnny are both teething, and Emma has decided to ignore her incentive chart. I’m hoping it means that the jet lag in Austria won’t be that bad since everybody’s sleep schedule is already off.

Goals for December:

  • Survive the flight and jetlag to and from Austria
  • Have a wonderful time in Vienna
  • Organize Christmas once we get back
  • Sew Lily’s stocking. I cut out the fabric – minus letters since we didn’t know name or gender – last year when I made everyone else’s stockings, so this should not take too long to put together.
  • Organize the hall closet
  • Enjoy the holiday lights
  • Make the most of Mike getting Christmas Eve, Christmas, AND New Year’s Eve off work!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

12 thoughts on “Month in review and December goals”

  1. love your goal post and hope you have a wonderful trip!
    .-= Beverly´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Running with Dad =-.

  2. I’m glad you were able to use the idea of making things for the pilot. As for the activities for your kids on the plane…I have always been way OVER prepared when I’ve made long flights. I’ve always had a backpack stuffed with things to survive the flight and it always seems like we use a small fraction of what I bring. Good luck! I’m sure it will go great.

    I just sewed up Leila’s stocking last night. I borrowed a friend’s machine and realized it was the first time I’ve sewn anything in 3 years, since I sewed up Asher’s stocking when he was a baby! Obviously this is not a skill I practice much. I didn’t feel settled until I had Leila’s stocking hanging up with the rest of them. Even though I stayed up way too late last night to do it, I break into a smile everytime I see 5 stockings hanging together.

  3. I love these posts and wishing you all the best in your travels. Hopefully everyone will be happy and well and enjoy Christmas a lot.
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..November Ends =-.

  4. Elisa @ blissfulE

    Love your positive spin on sleep schedules being off – we’ve had similar issues in the past and I do think it helps when adjusting to a new time zone. You are going to have such a fantastic trip!!

    It’s very hard for us to think that Christmas is soon since it’s so warm here. But I think the climate would suit your Emma perfectly. :)
    .-= Elisa @ blissfulE´s last blog ..Vi has her passport =-.

  5. I just love your posts about goals! It always makes me think of my own. Have so much fun in Austria, hope your flights go well, you brave soul. Three kids on a cross-atlantic flight, good luck!!
    .-= Amber Liddle´s last blog ..Thanksgiving! =-.

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