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Model Magic Christmas Ornaments

Simple model magic Christmas ornaments for kids to make. Parents can also help children make these beautiful handprint ornaments.

building fine motor coordination making Crayola model magic ornaments

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Making Model Magic Christmas Tree Ornaments

Four-year-old Lily had a wonderful time making Crayola Model Magic ornaments with me while the two oldest kids were at school and Anna was napping! She used this set of pottery tools. It’s a little sophisticated for Model Magic, and Lily is on the younger end, but she knows how to use real tools properly, and she loved how easily they manipulated the Model Magic!

using a tool to add details to a Crayola model magic ornament

Lily came up with the idea of what to make all on her own. I love the way she used the flat end of her tool to make the sun’s rays – so pretty, and I never would have thought to do that! It took a few tries, but she eventually was able to get her name written on the sun in points so that she was happy with how it looked – you can see it in the middle row here:

Crayola model magic sun ornament designed by a four-year-old

Lily also made this handprint ornament on her own – no doubt inspired by Anna’s baby handprint ornament. I would have done it a little differently, but then it would be my ornament, not Lily’s! I love this as a memory of her creativity at age four.

crayola model magic preschooler handprint made by a four-year-old

Model Magic Nativity Ornament

DIY nativity tree ornament

I find that crafting alongside my kids is one of the easiest ways of keeping myself from interfering with what they are making! I enjoyed making this simple nativity ornament. Model magic is a little unique to work with (sort of like working with moldable marshmallows, only it sticks to itself very well, but not to you). I did the little neck shaping on the people once the clay was on the black background using one of the tools we had; a fork or toothpick would also work. The star one large triangle with three smaller ones added, and then blended together.

Crayola Model Magic nativity ornament

I added a loop behind the star to hang it. This would not work with play dough or probably even salt dough, but model magic sticks to itself super well and is very lightweight, so I think it will hold over time without too much trouble.

hanger for Crayola model magic nativity ornament

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What should we craft next? Do you have a handmade ornament that we should try? How about a Model Magic project?

Model magic ornaments for kids

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128 thoughts on “Model Magic Christmas Ornaments”

  1. I’d love to win the Model Magic. My son loves to play with Play-Doh but I’ve never heard of this before.

  2. Would love to try the Model Magic! My daughter loves making things with playdoh, I would love to see if she would love this too! <3

  3. I would say the glitter glue, I wonder what we could craft to use that, it would be fun to try out some new projects!

  4. I would love the washable markers because my son always gets marker on his clothing!
    We have been making gingerbread houses and love it!

  5. I would be excited to win any of them. My seven year old daughter is going though a crafting faze and would love it!!

  6. Me & my daughters love making crafts..they are 4 and 1. Anything glitter glue, girly, and sparly is our fav.

  7. I would like to win the Washable Markers because I have a 16 month old granddaughter who loves to “draw’ on everything.

  8. What wonderful magic Christmas ornaments one can make with Crayola! Most interested in the glitter glue & adding sparkle to some wonderfully made Christmas cards!
    Thanks for the chance to win this fantabulous giveaway!

  9. Claire Rheinheimer

    I’m most interested in the model magic. I’ve never used it and I think my 2 1/2 year old son and I would have a blast with it!

  10. What crafting has your family been enjoying lately? Do you have a handmade ornament that we should try? How about a Model Magic project?

    We’ve made some foam Santa’s for the tree and I have never tried Model Magic before.

  11. My daughter would love to try the Crayola Model Magic ornaments maker. She loves to play with clay and playdoh

  12. I’m most interested in the washable glitter glue. We love glitter and being washable is a huge bonus.

  13. I’m most interested in the gift card and the model magic. It looks like a fun way for the kids to be creative….first time I’ve heard of this

  14. Id like to win the glitter glue. My granddaughters are always cutting and glueing so I know they would get alot of use out ofvit.

  15. I am most interested in the glitter glue! Our 4 year old daughter would love to do some projects with glitter :) The Slick Sticks would also be fun for all 3 of our children, and also the Model Magic! Our 10 month old daughter would love the feeling of it :) Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize package!


  16. I’d love to try those twistable slick stix with my kids!

    Beautiful photos, by the way, and you have a talented family. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Ooh… the model magic looks like so much fun. It’s one thing we haven’t tried and I know my kids would love it.

  18. I would love the glitter glue because glitter is pretty messy with two two year olds and a four year old. I think it would be so fun for them without the huge mess for me :)

  19. I am most interestied in the washable markers as my grandchildren are all young and sometimes makes mistakes (that could be washed away with these).

  20. I think my kids would have a blast with the Model Magic. I don’t know what the Slick Stix are but I would love to find out! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  21. I am excited to try the Model Magic. My daughter has never tried it and she loves Play-Doh so I really think she would enjoy it.

  22. the model magic would be great to win so the kids can make fun ornaments, figures, or whatever with it.

  23. We love the Crayola Model Magic. It seems a bit expensive, but the kids spend hours molding different scenes and animals. The variety of colors is fantastic, and when it dries, it doesn’t crack or crumble like Play-Doh. It maintains its soft appearance and dries like hard foam. If you don’t let it dry out, you can re-use it over and over! Although, I now have little model magic creatures all around my house so it’s about time to order more. But I love it! I would recommend it to any parent whose kids love to sculpt and mold with clay.

  24. 1. roll out your model magic so it’s about 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick. 2. using your cookie cutter, cut out a snowflake 3. using the straw, poke a hole at the top 4. repeat process for however many you want to make 5. allow to dry for about 24-48 hours, turning over halfway through. 6. hang with a ribbon.

  25. I love Lily’s ornaments! It’s so special that you two have this one on one time together. I struggle finding that with just two kids so I can imagine that it’s extra special when you have four to divide your time between. I also struggle with not interfering with my kid’s creations – it’s something I’m constantly reminding myself not to do. Crafting alongside is such a great idea.

    1. Thank you, Elisa! I was happy with how my ornament turned out, and I LOVED the way Lily designed her sun! It looks so neat, and I never would have thought to us that tool that way!

  26. I have never tried Model Magic. My 6-year-old granddaughter is very creative and I think she would really enjoy it. It would be fun to create things together.

  27. Of all the Crayola products we’ve ever used, I don’t think that Model Magic is one of them. I’m totally curious now! I adore her sunshine ornament, how clever to use the tool for the rays. And of course, mama, yours turned out lovely as well :)

    1. Oh, you need to try Model Magic – it is probably my favorite! My younger sister brought home this little dragon she made out of it in Seventh Grade, and it made a huge impression on me because I had never seen a clay that was anything like it before!

  28. Emma @ P is for Preschooler

    Great ornaments! My daughter would love the glitter glue. She loves glitter, and I like the glue version because it’s not as messy!

  29. I love Lily’s ornaments and glad that you liked the pottery set. We just received ours yesterday in a neat package that came all the way from China :)

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