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Mod Podge Fairy and Fairy House

Mod Podge Fairy and Fairy House

Meet our Mod Podge fairy and fairy house! Inspired by elf on the shelf antics I have seen on other blogs, this fairy is watching over my kids this summer! She and her house move from room to room, and so long as they are using their listening, communication, and cooperation skills, she stays out – which also means we get to do fun activities! So far she has, thankfully, been able to stay out! The heart theme means that she would make a great Valentine’s Day fairy, too, if you want to wait a few months to make her. Mod Podge Fairy is not a toy. She was created as part of this sponsored post, and she stays up on a shelf and watches the goings-on. That’s the entire point – she’s untouchable. She is fairly sturdy, but she is made out of Mod Podge Collage Clay, which is not recommended for children ages 12 and under, and the product is not edible. Small parts are a choking hazard for children. My kids are very good about not touching things they are not meant to touch (including the chocolate cake that was out on the counter all day yesterday) – and she is out of reach anyhow.

Make a Summer Fairy to Keep Kids Helping All Summer Long

Using Mod Podge collage clay drizzle paint and melts and molds

Besides the elf on the shelf inspiration, Mod Podge fairy came about when I received this collection of craft supplies to play around with. These supplies are perfect for Decoden, the art of decorating anything with trinkets, where more is considered more fun! The lightweight Collage Clay will hold and stick to just about anything:

Mod Podge Collage Clay Decoden

I used Collage Clay to transform yogurt containers into two fairy houses, one the summer house you see below, simply decorated with these sea-themed Mod Melts, and the other covered with hearts (my kids prefer the heart house; I prefer the beach house).

Fairy Summer House

summer fairy house made using Mod Podge collage clay

Mod Melts are very easy to work with! You simply stick them into a mini high-heat glue gun and squeeze into the flexible molds. Once they cool, you can easily pop them out of the mold. They stuck beautifully to my collage clay!

You can even layer colors, as I did with the hat, balloons, present, cupcake, and birthday cake below. Here are a few of the mod melts trinkets I made. I was particularly fond of the emerald green glittery jewels, although I haven’t worked out what to do with them. The birthday mod melts will make their way onto cards. I loved the starfish, and wish I had a mold full of just them; there was only one starfish per mold, and you had to wait for one to harden so you could pop it out and make the next.

Mod Podge melts creations

The houses were also very easy to make. I cut a door and windows out of clean 12 oz. yogurt containers:

Turn a yogurt container into a fairy house

Collage Clay has the consistency of a very light buttercream frosting (but remember, it is NOT safe to eat!) I went for a thin adobe-style coating for the walls:

Use Mod Podge collage clay to create a fairy house

For the beach house, I simply stuck the mod melts in once the house was coated and that was it! The heart house was a bit more complicated. I used the included piping tips (just like the kind you use for frosting) to make a decorative edge around the bottom, the door, and the windows. The hearts are made out of Mod Podge Drizzle Paint.


Miss Mod Podge fairy started off as a wooden peg doll. Her dress is piped-on pink Collage Clay, and the heart over her bodice is the same Drizzle Paint I used to decorate the outside of her heart house. Her hair is a white cotton ball, also stuck on using collage clay. Her face is drawn on with permanent markers. Her wings are made out of a bit of clear packing plastic that was in the Mod Mold packages (to keep the molds from bending). I colored it with permanent marker, smudging it before it could dry all the way. Here you can see her drying on a bit of the same plastic – she peeled right off once she was dry, with no trouble.

Peg doll fairy wtih a Mod Podge Collage Clay dress

Are you intrigued by Collage Clay? Check out this great tutorial from Plaid – I particularly love the way they used the collage clay with stencils!


Have you ever tried crafting with Collage Clay or Mod Melts?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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