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Mini Mailbox Valentines Kids Can Make

These mini mailbox valentines have a delicious chocolate center and are easy and fun to make!

These mini mailbox valentines have a delicious chocolate center and are easy and fun to make! #valentinesdaycraft #vday #valentinesday

My daughter Emma spent this week making this adorable mini mailbox valentines. I am always looking for cute DIY valentines kids can make, and when I saw these mini chocolate mailbox valentines over at NoBIGGIE I knew we had a winner.

I simplified the idea to make these easier for my child to make.

Mini Mailbox Valentines Kids Can Make

Cute mailbox Valentine craft.

NoBiggie’s post has great instructions for this project, including a cute assembly video, so I’m not going to give instructions here. I did, however, find that the dimensions given in that post did not work for us.

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How to Make Tiny Mailboxes

We used Hershey’s milk chocolate nuggets, and I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the pieces. Since since I know that everyone is not fortunate enough to own fancy paper cutting machines (I had this on my wish list for years before getting this mine!) I also made a mini mailbox template printable so that you – or your child – can easily cut out your own mailboxes at home. My template is designed so that the edges of the mailbox tuck under slightly – Emma and I agreed that that creates a cleaner look.

Chocolate mailbox valentines

This was Emma’s first time using  a glue gun (low temp), and she was enthralled with how quickly the glue dried.

Cute DIY valentines: mailbox chocolates

Emma chose to keep her mailbox valentines very simple: plain white cardstock with each child’s name printed on the side.

DIY valentine mailbox for kids to make

Emma’s teacher had assigned the students with the task of making a box to bring home their valentines. Still enthralled with the hot glue gun, Emma cut up a pair of old leggings to decorate the base of the box, hot gluing the fabric to the box. She decorated the lid with strips of paper that she ripped from a catalog. Great creative fun!

Valentine’s Day has always been one of Emma’s favorite holidays, possibly in part because it is pretty close to her birthday. She even had a Valentine’s Day themed birthday party one year! This year she heart attacked our front door for her three younger siblings!

Did your kids make valentines this year?

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  1. Elisa | blissful E

    This is very cute! I might have to try this so my kids can see what American mailboxes are like. :)

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Those are wonderful Valentines! We went very simple this year with cut out hearts stapled to a sugary treat from Lucky’s.

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