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March 2020 Monthly Goals

I’ve been setting monthly goals for years as a way to focus on a few things that I really want or need to get done. I find that it helps me prioritize things I care about, whether they are necessities or projects that simply bring me joy. Today I’m sharing my March 2020 Monthly Goals. You might also enjoy reading about my 2020 word of the year.

Setting monthly goals: March 2020

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Why Do I Set Goals?

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I started setting monthly goals several years ago, inspired by a now-defunct fellow blogger. I find it really useful in terms of making sure a few things happen. Every once in a while I fulfill every single goal. Most of the time there is at least one area where I really fall short, but I still feel that I get more done with goals than without.

I made good progress on most of my goals for February 2020, but fell short when it came to organizing my room. I’m setting that as a stretch goal for March, because honestly there is SO much going on in my life right now. I’ll keep working on it, but my best chance at completing it in the near future is my spring break from work in April.

February was a good, if exhausting, month. March is honestly looking similarly exhausting. I just need to survive until I get a week off in April, and then it’s a matter of making it until the end of the year.

My Goals for March 2020

I’m sticking mostly with must-do goals for March, because there are more than enough of them!

  • Plant our container garden for spring. I should have done this already with California’s mild temperatures. I’m behind on a lot of life things right now. We have some strawberry plants left over from last year, but there’s plenty of room to grow more wonderful foods. Focus: mindful living
  • Finish test sewing a pattern. I had planned to do this in February, when I had nominally more time for it, but there was a delay that wasn’t anybody’s fault so it’s pushed into busy March. It IS something I will enjoy when I make time for it. Focus: education
  • Set classroom expectations and norms with a new group of 6th graders. I got the group on March 1st and it’s already the 3rd, so obviously this has already started. So far it’s going pretty well, but I teach at a very high needs school and I know it could all fall apart at any moment. I’m relying on the motivation of a uniquely motivating curriculum that I pulled together (thanks to fundraising they can actually earn ukuleles to keep if they work hard) alongside consistently energetic engagement on my end and high levels of organization to hopefully pull it off. Fingers crossed it works. I’m no ukulele genius, and I’m grateful to have found a solid footing in the Rainbow Ukulele student books. Focus: education and mindful living.
  • Edit another 10 days’ worth of photos. I’m so far behind on this! Focus: mindful living and gratitude
  • Continue to organize and declutter the house. Focus: mindful living and gratitude
  • Start a jazz unit with my band class. As with the 6th graders, this started on Monday with mixed results. We set it aside today for more accessible repertoire at the students’ request, but I’m coming back to it tomorrow. They DO want to play jazz; they just find it harder than the fairly simple band class pieces we’ve been playing so far. So we’ll meld the two together into what hopefully feels accessible to the students. Focus: education
  • File taxes. This is actually a stretch goal that may get pushed into April, but it sure would be nice to get it done this month! Focus: mindful living and gratitude
March 2020 Monthly Goals

What are your goals for March 2020?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. I ‘m not sure yet what my goals are for March. March kind of snuck up on me, and now I’m feeling behind on everything. So, I need to get that figured out.

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