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Mamafamilias’s crocheted finger puppets

I’ve had felt finger puppets on my “to do” list for a long time. Then I came across Mamafamilias’s Etsy shop (affiliate link) and fell in love with her crocheted puppets. Mamafamilias very kindly emailed me the patterns for her finger puppets for free, and I finished my first one this morning. Here are a couple (unfortunately not very high-quality) pictures:


I didn’t have the right size of crochet hook, so the dimensions are a little off. I also left off the whiskers (because I didn’t think to leave room for them when I added the face) and didn’t get the ears quite right – these ears are more tiger-cub-like than adult-tiger-ish. I’m fine with that – I think baby tigers are cute – but it’s not true to the pattern I was sent.

Don’t crochet? Mamafamilias currently has tiger, pig, bunny, horse, rooster, chicken, and dog finger puppets up for sale in her Etsy shop. Her finger puppets cost between $2 and $4 apiece, and she also sells hats and stuffed turtles.

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5 thoughts on “Mamafamilias’s crocheted finger puppets”

  1. I believe it, I really enjoyed making my first. Thanks again for sharing your patterns!

  2. jenny, mamafamilias

    This came out great! I started making these over a year ago and haven’t gotten tired of them yet, so be prepared to get ‘hooked’:)

  3. Wow. I have no idea how to do that. I’ve been thinking about learning, though.I think it’s adorable!

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