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MAM Bottle and Pacifiers–US Giveaway

one baby's opinion of MAM pacifiers

Anna turned one month old yesterday, and to celebrate I have a fun little giveaway for my US-based readers courtesy of MAM. I have a certain fondness for MAM products, because when Emma was a baby she liked to go on eating strikes – and sometimes the single MAM bottle we owned was the only way we could get her to eat! One of my nephews would only uses MAM pacifiers, so they seemed worth trying.

We were sent a set of MAM Anti-Colic Bottles, and an assortment of MAM pacifiers to try out. Anna sipped from the bottle, but looked disturbed – her typical reaction to being bottle-fed. At least she didn’t reject it completely! She likes the MAM pacifier best out of the three types we’ve tried, although you can probably tell from the photo that she isn’t completely in love with it. I like the ventilation system that is built into the bottle to help reduce colic symptoms, and the orthodontically correct design of the pacifier. They are also very cute – my kids thought the little bunnies on the bottle were particularly adorable! I will say that the bottle is harder to put together than a standard, non-vented bottle – but the extra time is well worth fewer upset stomachs! The bottle cap stays on really well, and the pacifier comes with a very cute case that can also be used to sterilize the pacifier in a microwave! There is also a way to reassemble to the bottle so that it doubles as its own sterilization container.

MAM is offering 1 Anti-Colic Bottle and an assortment of MAM Perfect Pacifiers to a US reader of this blog! Visit www.mambaby.com and the official MAM USA facebook page to learn more about their products, and enter using the rafflecopter form below.

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Disclosure: I received MAM bottles and pacifiers in exchange for this review from MAM via Child’s Play Communications. All opinions are my own.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

53 thoughts on “MAM Bottle and Pacifiers–US Giveaway”

  1. doesn’t matter what kind but my 4 month old is always soothed by a pacifier. this helps alot in the car when we can’t pull over to pick him up or for me too feed him

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

  2. The mini cooler teether seems like it would sooth a fussy baby. I know the cold teethers always work great and I like that this one can fit in the back of the baby’s mouth.

  3. michele benedetto johnson

    I would love to use the MAM pacifier for my new grand daughter. My grandson had one or should I say 10 we left them in the car every room diaper bag even in our purses. They were a lifesaver!!!!!

  4. I think this would be very helpful for the first little teeth
    MAM Bite & Relax – Phase 1
    Designed to help with the discomforts of teething

  5. Oh boy, big Mam supporter here! My niece had a hard time getting used to drinking from a bottle, and Mam is the one she finally chose to drink from. My other niece loves her Mam pacifiers! She’s 15 months old, and her mom hopes to break her from them soon, but she still loves them. :)

    I have to say, because of the great products I’ve seen from them so far, I would love to try one of their teethers (or rather, let one of my nieces or nephews try it, haha.) The MAM Bite & Relax – Phase 1 looks especially cool.

  6. My son also only used MAM pacifiers. We especially loved the soft sided ones when he was teething, I think he spent more time chewing on it than sucking on it!

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