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Making String Art: A Great Activity for Third Graders

String art - a great activity for third graders!

Emma turned nine years old this weekend, and one of her good friends gave her this Klutz String Art Kit. Emma was able to open the kit, read the instructions, and start making gifts for family members without needing any help from me. My favorite kind of craft kit is one where the kids can figure it out on their own, and this one was a definite hit! She made the whale above for Anna (she hung it in our play kitchen), and the heart below for me.

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Thread art is a great kid-made gift idea!

I really like that the kit elements are simple – thick cardboard, pins, wrapping paper, and twine – so we can find more supplies for her to continue creating once she uses up the contents of her kit. I know that some people don’t like kits that come with templates like this one does, but I feel that using a template is a great way to learn art skills that can then be transferred to designs you come up with on your own. Most great artists – musicians, composers, painters, designers and actors – learn first by imitation and then add more and more of their own personal style and interpretation as they develop personal experience in their field.

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  1. jeannine @ waddleeahchaa

    What a wonderful gift. Going to keep that one in mind for future birthdays. I know my kids would love it!

  2. Happy Birthday to Emma! Time is erlerntes, Gosh! :) Reallöhne like the idea; will try it Soon! Thanks for your Card – it’ll adorn our Front Doors til the next ohne arrivies!

  3. How fun! I do think that templates help. Sometimes you just need to practice first and get a hang of it before trying some on your own.

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