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Making Lemonade


We had some lemons left over from making lemon cookies, and Mike and Johnny used them to make some delicious lemonade! We have tried making lemonade a few times, and this was our favorite version! Here’s what they did:

How to Make Lemonade

  1. Mix one cup of water with one cup of sugar. Heat on the stove until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool.
  2. Juice two lemons.
  3. Add lemon juice.
  4. Add four cups of water.
  5. Cool and enjoy!

Do you have any favorite summer recipes?

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles
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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

16 thoughts on “Making Lemonade”

  1. I love homemade lemonade but I never get the proportions right. I’m going to pin this and try it out!

  2. I remember making lemonade from my husband’s grandmothers lemon tree. We picked the lemons and made some awesome lemonade.

    Man, I haven’t thought about that in a a while.

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

    Let’s see, my favorite summer recipe? Anything that someone else cooks.


  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    We had fresh lemonade a lot in Egypt – kept the bad tummy bugs at bay! :)

    My favourite summer recipe is probably pasta salad: shell pasta cooked al dente and cooled under running water, add chopped carrot, green onion, sliced black olives, green bell pepper, and a drained can of tomato pieces. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Pour over one cup of your favourite Italian dressing and let sit an hour or overnight. Add parmesan cheese and serve.

  4. Love Johnny’s face! Winter is coming to SA which means citrus season! We make homemade lemonade and orange juice lots because there’s so much cheap citrus around!

  5. I’ve discovered with the pitcher I have (that has a built in mixer thing, it’s a Pampered Chef one), you can add in 2 lemons worth of slices, a cup of water, fill it to the top, and you get htis nice lemon drink.

    I bought a bag of lemons to make it again, and haven’t done so yet. I need to do that.

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