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Make the Most of a Snowstorm with Kids

snowstorm in Massachusetts

On Friday, we had a snowstorm – and, for once, I didn’t hear anyone in our town complaining that we should have had school anyhow! This is what it looked like, all day long! Snowfall estimates that I have heard range from 13.5 inches to 18 inches!

playing with snow indoors

The snow was too deep for the kids to play in on their own, and it was too cold for Anna, especially Anna with a cold. So we brought some indoors, instead. They had fun playing, and when I sat Anna on the floor with them she immediately tried to eat some! Here is her initial reaction:

tasting snow

I thought that would put her off eating it, but she had other ideas. This is what she wanted to do:


I guess it felt great on her gums – she is working on several teeth right now! I picked her up, because even though this snow was as clean as snow gets (the top 5 inches or so of over a foot of snowfall), it can’t be the best thing for a seven-month-old to eat.

playing with snow inside when it is too cold to go out


The other kids had a blast playing in the snow – their pretend play lasted at least an hour!

Do you have snow?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

24 thoughts on “Make the Most of a Snowstorm with Kids”

  1. Yes we always have lots of snow over here and the kids loves it :-)

    Love that picture of the little one eating the snow, so precious!

  2. Love the picture of Lily! We didn’t get too much from this last storm. I don’t know why I never think to bring a bit inside, though. I bet Parker would love to set up a little scene (perhaps with his little plastic cats or LEGO guys). I’ll have to remember that …

  3. Varya @ littleartists

    Playing with the snow is one thing I miss about winter! I haven’t seen snow in 5 years!
    Love Anna’s expression – too cute!

  4. Elisa | blissfulE

    Snow! How exciting! Your snow scene photo is beautiful. I feel like I could walk right into it!

    Anna’s expressions are priceless, and I’m so glad she didn’t give up on snow after that first taste. :) :)

    Your idea of bringing the snow indoors is pure parenting genius – no stir-crazy kids or lost boots!

    1. We’ve been bringing snow in for years, now, and it is always a hit!

      I really enjoyed watching the snow fall from our nice, warm house. :)

  5. Nope, no snow in the Bay Area. J is convinced he’ll see snow here one day and that he needs snow boots. I could count the number of times I’ve been in the snow on my fingers. I am such a weather wuss.

    I grew up in a place with no snow. We’d visit the mountains for snow once every 5 years. Then in undergrad, we had a snow storm that quickly turned to ice storm, so the whole city of Portland was shutdown for a week or so. My backside was so bruised.

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