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How To Make A Simple Carnival Game For Kids

Learn to make this simple carnival game for kids! This Feed Me Monster is such an easy DIY carnival game for kids that a child can make it!

Learn to make this simple carnival game for kids! This Feed Me Monster is such an easy DIY carnival game for kids that a child can make it!

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Besides being fun, puzzles are an often overlooked educational tool. I’ve used puzzles to teach my children about the world. I also love using 4D Cityscape Time puzzles in our history lessons, as they allow children to see how historical events shape cities and countries.

I believe in hands on learning wherever possible, in all school subjects. So when I was offered the chance to review three new Dr. Livingston human body jumbo learning puzzles, I said yes. I knew these puzzles would be fantastic for teaching my children about the human body.

Using Puzzles to Teach Children About the Human Body

Johnny’s cub scout troop threw a carnival for kids last month, and each scout was asked to make and run a carnival game. Johnny was able to make this simple Feed Me! Monster carnival bean bag toss game with very little help, and it was a hit with the kids!

I’m republishing today as this game pairs beautifully with Go Away, Big Green Monster!, which is this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids pick. Check out more fun monster themed activities at the end of this post.

How To Make A Simple Carnival Game For Kids

This DIY carnival game is easy and fun to make!

Carnival Game Materials

  • One foam core board. We used one that I had been using for a while as a photo backdrop. This meant it was a bit beat up before Johnny even started to decorate it, but that is okay.
  • 30mm googley eyes. These are self-adhering, so you don’t need any glue
  • Sargent Art metallic gel pens.
  • X-acto knife for cutting the opening. I recommend an adult for this part, or adult supervision for children who have been taught how to use a knife properly.
  • Felt for the bean bags. Fleece works as well.
  • Fairfield poly pellets for the bean bags.
Easy DIY carnival game for kids that a child can make!

How to Make the Feed Me Monster Bean Bag Toss Game

  1. Cut an opening for your monster’s mouth.
  2. Add eyes, Feed Me! lettering, and any other decorations you like.
  3. Make your bean bags following my easy-sew bean bags tutorial.
  4. It’s time to play! Lean the sign up, or have kids take turns holding it while others toss the bean bags.

This simple carnival game for kids can be made simpler or more challenging depending on the skill level of children who are playing. Allow toddler to stand as close as they like, then increase the distance as children get better at throwing. Let children try to throw the bean bags blindfolded. With tweens and teens, have the kids run around carrying the monster as a moving target. You’re never too old to try your hand at a bean bag toss game!

More Fun Monster Activities for Kids

There are so many fun ways for kids to learn with monsters! Be sure to also check out the entire Virtual Book Club for Kids series here.

More Fun Activities

My kids had a lot of fun with this, and we are contemplating a carnival theme for a future birthday party! Do you know of a simple carnival game for kids that we should try? Please share in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram

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