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How to Make a Penguin Sensory Bin + Penguin Learning Fun

How to Make a Penguin Sensory Bin – simple steps for setting up a fun penguin themed invitation to play. Plus, more penguin themed learning fun for kids.

Penguin themed sensory bin

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This week we read Penguin and the Pinecone by Salina Yoon and I put together a simple sensory bin. Four-year-old Anna loved this invitation to play, and even my older kids pulled it out during the week.

If you are looking for another penguin themed book to go with this activity, Penguin Problems by Jory John is a fun pick.

How to Make a Penguin Themed Sensory Bin

How to set up a penguin themed invitation to play

This penguin sensory bin was very easy to put together! I did order the penguin TOOB just for this activity. I typically stick with items we already own, but I felt pretty certain that these penguins would get a lot of play dime. I was right!

We already owned the dominoes that became water and ice. The tray is from IKEA, and we use it all the time for all sorts of activities.

How to create a penguin themed sensory bin for kids.

I had stuck only the clear blue, light blue, white, and clear dominoes in the bin. Anna decided that the penguins needed some gold, and so she added some yellow (gold) dominoes.

Using simple materials to set up an invitation to play

A good sensory bin keeps kids of all ages engaged – and it’s a great way to decompress after school!

More Penguin-Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Penguin themed learning activities for kids. #ece #preschool #penguins #kidsactivities

Penguin and the Pinecone by Salina Yoon was this week’s Virtual Book Club read, and my blog friends came up with some wonderful book activities! Penguin Problems by Jory John is a fun book that also works for this theme.

Literacy Activities with a Penguin Theme

Learning Math with Penguins

Painting and Penguin Crafts for Kids

Music & Movement Penguin Learning

Do you have a penguin themed learning activity for children that we should try? Let me know in the comments. You can also share photos as well as book suggestions and activity ideas on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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  1. I love the different penguins and those beautiful blue tiles! What a fun project; just like what the boys did in A Couple of Boys Had The Best Week Ever! by Marla Frazee.

    1. These dominoes are fantastic! They get used as dominoes sometimes, but more frequently they are used as building blocks, play food, and in other interesting ways.

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