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How to Make DIY Interlocking Building Blocks

These DIY interlocking building bricks are incredibly versatile and surprisingly easy to make. Created by Bill Atkinson; instructions shared with permission. Find more awesome gifts for kids aged 0-7 years old.

How to Make DIY Interlocking Building Blocks - download the PDF instructions here.

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We discovered these DIY interlocking building blocks at Maker Faire this year, and my kids would have happily spent the entire afternoon playing with them. Created by Bill Atkinson, the blocks have a great feel, and you can build anything with them! Even fancy arches, like this one:

The pieces lock together so well that you can pick up a finished product and move it from one spot to another. Bill was handing out instructions on how to make these at this year’s Maker Faire, and he graciously offered a digital copy of the instructions for you to download here.

These blocks were my kids' favorite thing at #makerfaire this year, The creator is generously sharing instructions on how to make your own with my readers. Click through for the downloadable PDF file with instructions for this cool DIY toy!

How to Make DIY Interlocking Building Blocks

These blocks are brilliantly simple to make. I am on the hunt for a table saw and mitre saw so that we can make our own set. If there’s a brand you recommend, let me know! Bill used medium density fiberboard for his blocks. It’s easy to work with, the thickness is very consistent (important for interlocking toy blocks), and you don’t have to sand anything!

Download the Instructions for these DIY Interlocking Blocks

I knew my readers would love these DIY interlocking blocks as soon as I saw them at Maker Faire. Bill Atkinson kindly offered the instructions on how to make your own interlocking toy blocks as a PDF download here on my blog. If you make a set, please let us know! Click on the image below to download the PDF.

Tutorial for making your own interlocking blocks. This design is brilliant - easy to make and so fun to use!

Have you ever seen blocks like this? We hadn’t, but we are huge fans now. I just need to make a set myself! I would love to see photos if you make some for your kids (or to play with yourself – they are plenty entertaining to adults as well!) 

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  1. We just inherited my FIL’s table saw……. I showed my husband and Peter because Peter is going to be “making stuff” and they were both quite impressed.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmarty

    Those look awesome! My husband used a similar technique making our homemade castle a few years back, but this set is more versatile…

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