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Make a Gratitude Tree with this Free Printable

Help kids focus on gratitude with this simple gratitude tree activity for kids.

free printable gratitude tree activity

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Gratitude Tree Activity for Kids with a Free Printable

Every November, I make some sort of gratitude activity with my kids. past yearss we have made thankful hands, leaf-shaped gratitude chains, a traditional thankful tree, and a more modern-looking simple gratitude tree. I knew they wanted to make a gratitude tree again this year, and initially we were going to create a repeat of the super simple gratitude tree. Then I remembered our Pi Tree, and we decided to repurpose that tree printable for this activity!

We paired this activity with a reading of Bear Says Thanks, which is this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids pick. I love the way this book teaches about graciously thanking friends, even (or especially) when you have nothing to give in return. Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland and The Thankful Book by Todd Parr are great alternates for this week’s theme. Scroll to the end of this post for more gratitude-themed activities from my co-hosts!

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How to Make a Gratitude Tree: It’s Easy with This Free Printable!

These gratitude trees were super easy to make! First, I printed out five copies of this printable:

Free tree printable - prints out as an 8.5x11 inch image

I laid them out on our picnic table, along with this awesome Crayola Crayons set and told the kids to draw or write about things they were grateful for.

Easy gratitude activity for kids for Thanksgiving

I enjoyed seeing how the different kids approached this activity differently. 8-year-old Johnny and 10-year-old Emma created increasingly dense word maps as “leaves” on their trees.

Make a personalized gratitude tree with this free printable

Seven-year-old Lily has always been a bit of a minimalist. She started off by decorating her tree, and then wrote about the basics that she is grateful for. Four-year-old Anna colored her tree and wrote her name, but had no interest in drawing or adding words.

Focus on giving thanks this Thanksgiving by making these gratitude trees with your kids. The free printable makes it easy!

We are taping our gratitude trees to the wall, where we will be able to add to them throughout the month.

Thanksgiving gratitude activity for kids


My co-hosts have a wealth of wonderful owl-themed learning activities for you to enjoy with your kids this week! Here they are, sorted by category. I’ve added a couple of activities that my family has enjoyed that didn’t make it into any of the co-host posts this week.

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Are you making a gratitude tree with your kids this year? I would love to see photos if you use our printable! Share them on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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    I like Johnny’s tree. It amuses me how he did it. It’ll be interesting if his ends up as dense as Emma’s.

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    Oh, I love it! I want to try this with my 10 year old and see what she comes up with!

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