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I Love The Creativity Tegu Magnetic Blocks Inspire!

We all know that kids learn through creative play. Tegu magnetic blocks wowed me with their ability to inspire all sorts of imaginative pretend play.

Tegu magnetic blocks review

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My kids and I have always found Tegu blocks intriguing. So we were thrilled to receive a review set of Tegu blocks!

Tegu Magnetic Blocks Review

Tegu magnetic blocks giraffe, plus more creativity inspired by this toy.

Tegu blocks are made out of wood, but their encased magnets allow kids to create all sorts of things that would be impossible with regular wooden blocks. My four-year-old daughter Anna enjoys the blocks, but seven-year-old Lily and nine-year-old Johnny LOVE them.

What My Kids Made Using Tegu Blocks

My nine-year-old son Johnny first made the giraffe you can see above out of a few Tegu blocks.

Tegu magnetic blocks review

Seven-year-old Lily soon used leftover blocks to make her own giraffe-like creature, only one with wheels instead of legs. Lily’s giraffe’s head can flip to reach the leaves at the tops of trees, as shown above.

Tegu magnetic blocks inspire all sorts of creative play.

Johnny decided next to make a sandwich, followed by a larger sandwich.

Creative play inspired by Tegu

Tegu in Motion: Demoing this Versatile Toy

This toy brings out my two middle kids’ creative humor, which I love! They enjoyed morphing one creation into another, both by moving pieces around and re-interpreting shapes. Note that Johnny’s original sandwich became a sandwich car at the end of the video. This video is also a great illustration of how pretend play strengthens sibling relationships.

Dramatic Play with Tegu Blocks

Pretend play inspired by Tegu blocks

Tegu blocks make wonderfully versatile pretend play props, since the magnets hold your creations in place as you move them around. Both Lily and Johnny spent a lot of time announcing different things using their Tegu block “microphone”.

Tegu blocks inspire all sorts of creativity

It was time for Johnny to practice piano. They continued their play through his practice session, announcing and commenting on each piece. When needed, the microphone became a telephone. Isn’t it fascinating that kids use this telephone shape, even when they have never lived in a home with an old-fashioned telephone?

Creative play with Tegu

We LOVED this Tegu set, and we particularly recommend Tegu sets that include wheels!

Have you introduced your kids to Tegu blocks? What did they think? Do you have a favorite set? My kids LOVED the wheels, as you can tell! Please share your experience or any questions in the comments. You can also leave a note on my Facebook page, or tag me on Twitter or Instagram

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  1. Great review! I especially love the double-sided telephone that they have to be right next to each other to use! And then when they realized that was kinda pointless? Priceless!

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