Emma Reviews Lisa Graff + Book Giveaway

My ten-year-old daughter Emma takes the word bookworm to a whole new level! She reads fantasy, realistic fiction, non-fiction, Wikipedia – anything she can get her hands on! I love hearing about book plots, as well as her interpretations of why the authors makes various things happen to characters in the books she reads. Today, Emma is sharing some fun books she recently read by middle grade fiction author Lisa Graff. Penguin sent us these books.

Reviewing Lisa Graff's middle grade fiction {Emma Reviews}

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Lisa Graff book reviews and book giveaway

Lisa Graff Book Reviews

I read the book A Clatter of Jars by Lisa Graff. It is about a girl named Lily who goes to a camp called Camp Atropos, a camp for special kids with Talents. But what are Talent bracelets doing in the camp director Jo’s office? And why does Lily have a memory that doesn’t belong to her in her head? And on top of everything else, Lily wants her little brother, Max, to perform in the Talent show of Camp Atropos with her instead of with her annoying stepsister, Hannah. How will Lily handle this?

In Lost in the Sun, a boy named Trent accidentally shot a hockey puck at someone who then died. But then Trent meets Fallon Little, the girl with the mysterious scar on her face. All throughout the story, Trent finds out that everyone has their secrets. Sometimes all you need is a friend to help you find your own way.

A Tangle of Knots takes place in a world where everyone has a special Talent, from whistling to spitting. Eleven-year-old Cady’s Talent is baking the absolutely perfect cake for any person. But fate has a journey for her – from finding her true family to a Talent Thief that might change her life forever.

In Absolutely Almost, Albie is always, and always has been, and almost. And everyone wants Albie to be this and that. How is an almost like Albie supposed to figure out what he wants to be?

Have you read any of Lisa Graff’s books? Emma is definitely a fan, and after reading her reviews I’m thinking I need to read them next! Do you have a book that you recommend for Emma to read next?

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30 thoughts on “Emma Reviews Lisa Graff + Book Giveaway”

  1. Elisa | blissful E

    I would be interested in reading these as well! Great reviews, Emma! She must manage her time very well to be able to get so much reading done!

  2. I wold love to win these for my niece to read on a long roadtrip, and then she will pass them onto her friends to read

  3. I would like to win for my two youngest daughters. There isn’t one book that I would pick as one that I would prefer over the others. Just excited

  4. I would like to win these books for my daughter because our family loves reading!

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  5. I would love to win for my twin nieces. They have both got really into reading in the last year. I think they would love A Tangle of Knots best.

  6. Id like to read A Clatter of Jars. I have a 12 yr old niece that likes to read so these would be perfect for her. They sound like good reads. Thank you for the chance :)

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