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Lily’s 8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Everything you need to create a well rounded 8th grade homeschool curriculum: English, math, history, science, art, and more.

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Lily’s 8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

This fall I needed a pretty compact 8th grade curriculum, because we’re traveling. Thanks to modern technology and a lot of research, I found some great options.

8th Grade Homeschool Art Curriculum

My daughter is focusing on this photography class for her homeschool art subject. I’ve loved watching her take creative photos, and her younger sister is a willing model for photoshoots.

She is also taking this online film acting class, and she is in the same kid run art club my fifth grader is in.

8th Grade Homeschool English Curriculum

Lily has an online English class, but she doesn’t enjoy it so I’m not linking to it here.

Instead, we’re using WriteShop2 as a curriculum in addition to creative writing and travel journaling for English class.

There is a lot of overlap between History and English, too. Right Now Lily is reading the non-fiction memoir Evacuee: A Real-Life World War II Story. We picked that book up while touring Bletchley Park.

8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum: History

This fall we’re living in Oxford, England, which is full of history! We read and talk about the different sites, and she’s working on making videos about our visits to reinforce her learning.

We’ll be back in the US for the second half of the year, and in California that means US History. I Lily is also reading this book about American History for Kids. She enjoys it, and is learning a lot.

8th Grade Math Curriculum

We’re using the excellent AOPS Algebra curriculum for Lily. It’s a very well done book, and she learns a ton. And she loves finding the rare bits of humor hidden in the problems.

8th Grade Science Curriculum

For science class, Lily alternates between Middle School Earth and Space Science, and Middle School Physics. She isn’t doing a lot of experiments while we travel, but we can fill in those gaps when we are back home.

8th grade homeschool curriculum recommendations

Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations for Other Grades

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What are your favorite 8th grade homeschool curriculum resources?

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