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Library books we keep renewing

Perfect Square is our top pick for the week – we ALL love it! It’s a wonderful book about making the most of whatever life throws at you, with beautifully creative illustrations. I found this book via Stacey Loscalzo’s guest blog at The Artful Parent – we’re enjoying the two other books she recommended in that post as well!

Fluffy and Baron was a random pull-off-the-library-shelf find, but another that we all love! It’s based on a true story about the author’s dog and duck being friends, and there are photos at the end of the book of the real dog and duck. The illustrations are delightfully friendly, and I think stories of unexpected friendship – especially true tales – are always inspiring.

Willow made me cry – in a good way. I’m pretty sure it was sleep deprivation thanks to sick kids plus pregnancy hormones talking, but there is something very touching about someone discovering truly expressive art! We found this book through Snacks and Stories – be sure to check out the fun snack Christy came up with to go with this book! Emma (soon-to-be 6!) and I are the most appreciative of this book; Johnny (4) and Lily (2) seem a bit young for it.

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  1. I keep wanting to check out Willow, I think I heard somewhere else about this book. Perfect Square looks interesting too! Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  2. I’ll have to check these out – thanks for the recommendations! BTW – I cry sometimes with Children’s books too – The 3rd Knuffle Bunny installment did me in most recently!

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