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California Legoland Castle Hotel Review

Legoland Castle Hotel review: floor plan details, room details, restaurant and pool information, and everything else you need to know!

Legoland California Castle Hotel Review. #travelwithkids #familyvacation #LegolandCA

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Visiting California Legoland’s Castle Hotel

This Legoland Castle Hotel just opened in Legoland California this year! I went to Legoland Denmark as a kid (when we lived in France) and LOVED it. When my sister visited Legoland California with her two sons last year and had a blast, she and I started talking about a joint vacation.

Last month it became a reality! Legoland had a special kids go free offer, and – as huge LEGO Castle fans we decided to splurge and stay in the new Legoland Castle hotel. Since the hotel is so new, I thought I’d put together a Legoland Castle Hotel review.

I packed my four kids (aged 5, 8, 10, and 12 years old) into our van and drove south. My sister and her husband flew in with their two little boys, aged, 5 and 7 years old.

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First Impressions of the Legoland Castle Hotel

We arrived at the Legoland Castle hotel after a LONG day of driving, including sitting in traffic. There are some amazing LEGO sculptures even as you begin to approach the park. The castle hotel is HUGE, and right next to the entrance to Legoland. You park there and never have to leave! There are more LEGO sculptures outside the hotel, as well as in the entryway. The hotel lobby has a LEGO play space for the kids to enjoy while you wait to check into the hotel.

Pro tip: Bring old minifigures to trade with hotel and park staff! My kids LOVED doing this, and brought home some really fun minifigures as a result!

Legoland California Hotel Food Review

Breakfast is included with the hotel fee, and they had TONS of gluten free options for our two families. This was a huge deal! None of us can eat gluten in either family, and normally this means we are telling our kids no to all sorts of meal choices. At the Legoland hotel breakfast they made gluten free pancakes just for us!

You need reservations to eat at the Legoland Castle hotel for dinner, and it is a sit down dinner. We opted to eat dinner at the buffet in the older Legoland hotel instead. The classic Legoland hotel restaurant were also great at accommodating our gluten free diet, even cooking gluten free pizza for us two of the three nights we were there, and offering gluten free cookies for dessert.

You will sometimes have to wait in a line at the restaurants (you can make a reservation for dinner, which helps). The hallway where you wait in line is covered with these fun LEGO pictures that are two sided. Look at the picture below from the left and it looks like a queen. Look at it from the right and you see a jester. Very fun! There are lots of LEGO bricks to play with inside the restaurant, just in case some kids finish eating quickly and need something to do. There are also highly entertaining LEGO sculptures in the restaurant, and usually there is someone dressed up as a minifigure or some other form of entertainment.

Two sided LEGO pictures

Are the Legoland Hotels Worth Paying For?

Legoland California has two hotels. You might find a cheaper hotel nearby, but you lose the free parking, plus early entry into the park. Most of Legoland is actually closed during early entry, so it isn’t quite as good of a deal as it sounds, but it was still nice to beat the crowds.

We decided it was worth staying in one of the Legoland hotels for three reasons:

  • The hotel is an extension of the park. This was our biggest reason! The hotel is full of LEGO sculptures, and the kids even get a small set as a prize in their room every day you stay.
  • No driving once we are there, and the convenience of quickly walking to and from the park. None of us drove anywhere between arriving at Legoland and leaving; everything we needed was right there.
  • The hotel has rooms that easily fit our entire family. The room we had could actually sleep seven people, thanks to a king size bed in one room, a bunk bed with a trundle in another, and a pull out couch bed in the living room.

All of these facts apply to both of the Legoland California hotels. My sister and I and our kids all love the classic LEGO Castle sets, so we decided to stay in this brand new Castle hotel.

What Does the Legoland Castle Hotel Look Like Inside?

There is something fun to look at and do throughout the entire Legoland Castle hotel. The rug next to the elevators even has a maze for kids to run while they wait! Even the carpet in the hotel stairways is fun, designed to look like wood flooring! The walls are covered with fun illustrations, as well as LEGO artwork.

Three Different Castle Room Themes

The hotel has three kinds of themed rooms: Princess, knight, and wizard. My sister and her family stayed in the knight rooms (see photos below); we stayed in a wizard room (see photos above). We didn’t see inside the princess rooms, but we did walk the hallway where they are and enjoyed the LEGO butterflies on the walls, as well as the princess sculpture you see the three girls standing next to below. The knight rooms feel more “boy” ish, and the princess rooms seem more “girl” ish. The wizard rooms were perfect for our family with mixed tastes.

Legoland Hotel Rooms for a Family of 6

Finding a hotel room that fits a family of six can be a real challenge, so I was thrilled to see that there were rooms to could easily fit our entire family. We stayed in a suite where Mike and I had our own room, three kids slept in a bunk bed plus trundle bed, and one child slept on a pull out couch. If two people share the pull out couch you could actually fit a seventh person in the room!

The kids’ room with the bunk beds can project real constellations onto the ceiling at bedtime (that’s the very dark photo in the slideshow at the end of this post). The person on the bottom bunk can’t really see these, unfortunately, but the kids in the top bunk and the trundle bed can. There are a bunch of LEGO bricks for the kids to create with in this room. Mike and I got to sleep in, because the kids got up and played with LEGO bricks instead of waking us up!

The rooms seem very well soundproofed – we didn’t hear anything except the loud music played at the hotel pool, which we were exactly three floors above.

Interior photos from the Legoland California Castle Hotel

Outdoor Play Spaces Legoland Castle Hotel Reviews

California weather is nearly always nice enough to spend time outside! The Legoland Castle hotel features a large private playground, a space where there are often entertainers running shows of one kind or another, and a large space with fake grass and giant foam LEGO bricks.

Note that this space can get quite loud, and you may want to take that into consideration when reserving a room. We could hear the pool music (faintly) until the pool closed at 10pm, even though our room was on the third floor of the hotel.

The Legoland Castle Hotel Pool

I’m a huge fan of zero entry pools, so I was thrilled to see this detail at the Legoland Castle hotel. The pool area also hosts a hot tub. California get cold enough to make the hot tub a very attractive feature! There are giant foam LEGO bricks floating in the pool that kids used to build rafts and other fun creations.

More Legoland Castle Hotel Pictures

The Legoland California Castle Hotel made for the family vacation of a lifetime! Check out the pictures in the slideshow above (no sound) to get an idea of what the rest of the hotel looks like.

Would your kids love the Legoland Castle hotel? Have you taken your kids to Legoland before? Did you go as a kid? Share your opinions about our California Legoland Castle Hotel review in the comments below, on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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