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How to Throw a Fun, Low Key LEGO Themed birthday Party

Throw a low stress LEGO themed birthday party the kids will love!

LEGO themed birthday party favors at mamasmiles.com

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Johnny’s LEGO-themed sixth birthday party was so much fun! These crayon LEGO guys that we made using these silicone trays were a huge hit – I’ll go into the process of how we made them later on in this post.

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LEGO Themed Birthday Party Play Stations

We set the party up with free play stations – LEGO DUPLO bricks (since I knew there would be at least two, and maybe four, babies in attendance. We have quite a collection now, thanks to some donated by my mom from her collection, Christmas and birthday gifts for the kids, and one very lucky yard sale find where we got a huge stack of bricks for $2!

DUPLO play station for a birthday party at mamasmiles.com

A car mat (from IKEA), Our BluTrack car racing track, and racing cars:

car play station for a birthday party at mamasmiles.com

Play dough station – I just used our cinnamon play dough, but more traditional LEGO colors would be fun. Check out these instructions on how to easily make several colors of play dough in one go.

play dough station as an activity for a birthday party. From mamasmiles.com

Our last station was coloring – Crayola washable markers (my favorite) and this LEGO guy outline printed out.

LEGO coloring pages - birthday party activity at mamasmiles.com

I never would have predicted it, but the LEGO coloring pages were a HUGE hit – with everyone! All of the kids enjoyed decorating funky LEGO guys. Super easy activity, and the kids adored it!

Decorate a LEGO guy. Super simple activity that kids LOVE. From mamasmiles.com

Cake Time

Decorating cupcakes is a must-have birthday party activity in our family! I don’t remember what recipe I used for the cupcakes. I made the frosting using 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup coconut oil, a whole bunch of powdered sugar, and a little bit of milk. It turned out to be the best frosting ever!!!

birthday party activity: decorate cupcakes. From mamasmiles.com

Party Favors: How to Make LEGO Minifigure Crayons

The kids helped me make our LEGO themed party favors. We peeled dozens of crayons:

crayon shavings - getting ready to melt crayons at mamasmiles.com

We broke the crayons up and stuck them in these oven-safe silicone molds. Then we put the molds in the oven on a cookie sheet at 150 degrees Fahrenheit until they were melted.

making crayon LEGO guys at mamasmiles.com

Once the crayons were melted, we pulled out the cookie sheet and stuck it in the freezer to set. They popped out of the molds easily once they were cooled. We didn’t use any particular color scheme. The guys that we made using our Crayola Glitter Crayons were my kids’ favorites.Check out the blue glitter guy, the green and blue glitter guy, and the red glitter guy at the top of this post.

LEGO guy and bricks made using melted crayons. From mamasmiles.com

I don’t know how obvious it is from the picture above, but the bricks don’t really look like LEGO bricks. Because of this, you may want to just buy the LEGO guy molds, and not the brick molds.

Want something a little more durable than crayons? Use these same molds to make DIY LEGO minifig magnets using hot glue!

What to Put in LEGO Party Themed Goody Bags

LEGO themed birthday party favors from mamasmiles.com

We packaged our guys, bricks, and a memory game using this lovely LEGO matching game printable from I sew, do you? to send home with our guests.

Johnny’s birthday parties are super important to him, and he loved this one! Now we just need to finish off our thank you cards…

fun with LEGO themed birthday party favors at mamasmiles.com

How do you celebrate birthdays? We have a Harry Potter themed party in the works for Emma next month…

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33 thoughts on “How to Throw a Fun, Low Key LEGO Themed birthday Party”

  1. The link to the lego guy coloring page didn’t work for me. Super cute party! I like how simple, but awesome everything is!

  2. Happy birthday to Johnny. I love the Lego crayon party favors – they are so neat. I am sure that at our party a coloring station might have been popular with guests but not with a birthday girl :)

    1. I expected the coloring to be a hit with my kids, but I was surprised that Johnny’s friends were also so into it! Of course, he chose which people to invite, and based off of the lovely cards they made for him he is closest to very artistic children?

  3. That looks like a fun party. We did a very low key Lego party for the boys last year, and they made mini-figures and cars as the party favor, it was a big hit (it was also only us and our homeschooling friends, so only 7 kids).

    1. This was also a pretty small party – four classmates, plus my four, and then a few classmate siblings. So 10 or 11 kids total (I forget). I like smaller parties.

  4. I saw the LEGO men molds on Amazon too. I’m happy it worked out for you. I love planning J’s parties. Actually, he gives me the themes each year, and I run with that. We had to postpone his bday party last year, and temps were in the 90s. Football soon turned into water balloon/fun theme. My favorite is having parties in the park. The kids always find ways to entertain themselves and it doesn’t cost a lot (and I don’t have to clean or worry about scrunching people into our small space).

    1. Ooh I like the idea of park parties! Not sure how well it will work for me with two August babies and two winter babies, but in California it’s a possibility!

      1. August bdays should be reliably fine here for planning to use the park. For science days, I use the park once a month from March-October and haven’t had any issues yet. You probably could have gotten away with Johnny’s this year, and who knows what the weather in the next month will bring? We have had 70s in Jan and Feb :-). Of course, Nov-February is fairly unreliable when it comes to weather, so for planning purposes, it’s best to use indoor locations.

  5. Looks like a cute party theme! I’m not that creative, just creative with making birthday cakes. My daughter turns 8 on Jan 31 and she wants another My Little Pony themed party. This time she has requested that I make a Princess Twilight Sparkle cake for her. I’ll have to share some of the cakes that I have made in the past on my blog. I always have a lot of fun decorating cakes. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I think the Harry Potter party will be fun! I just need to track down some sticks to make into wands – complications of not having your own yard…

  6. Happy Birthday, Johnny!!!

    What an amazing party! I love those glitter Lego guys, too, and colouring pages are a terrific idea! However, despite all the wonderful ideas available on the internet, the thought of hosting a kids’ birthday party terrifies me.

    I’m so glad my kids are happy just to choose their cake. They don’t even ask for specific presents. Michael has requested an Angel Food Cake with Strawberry Topping for his 6th birthday next month. I *think* I can handle that…

    1. It’s gotten a lot easier for me over the years, but I think my birthday parties will probably never get much more complex than this. They are definitely a lot of work! Angel Food Cake with Strawberry Topping sounds like my kind of birthday cake! Do you have a recipe picked out for the cake? I could find out if my mom still has her old recipe, if you want it :)

  7. That looks like a fun party! I’ll have to try your frosting recipe. Reagan’s birthday is in March and she is having it at the gym where she is on the gymnastics team. They have fun parties with obstacle courses, games, and gymnastics for a very reasonable price.

    1. All the kids really enjoyed it – and it was nice and mellow for the adults, as well!

      It sounds like Reagan’s party will be a lot of fun!

  8. Happy birthday to your little guy! I remember seeing these molds on Etsy (already made). I think they were even soaps or chocolates. Pretty versatile. Legos are awesome! And a Harry Potter party will be so cool (I’m a big fan!).

    1. These molds can be used for chocolate or soap. Now I’m tempted to get the larger mold to try for soap – maybe as surprise stocking stuffers next year…

      I’ve been having fun with the Harry Potter party planning!

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