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LEGO Minifigure Fairy LEGO Hack

A fun and easy way to hack a minifigure fairy LEGO.

Wow your kids by turning their LEGO minifigures into fairies!

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This fun easy LEGO hack is one that my three-year-old daughter Anna invented! My kids love for me to punch out paper butterflies for them using this Martha Stewart butterfly craft punch. Anna plays with them in all sorts of fun ways while the older kids are in school, and one day she started using them as fairy wings for the Anna and Elsa minifigures that came with the LEGO Frozen set we gave her for her birthday (the set is designed for 6-12-year-olds which meant I helped the other kids build it, but Anna plays with it all the time). I helped her make the wings a little more stable, and we had a fun new way to play with LEGO minifigures!

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LEGO Minifigure Fairy LEGO Hack

Turn any LEGO minifigure into a fairy with this simple tutorial!

This is what you need for this simple LEGO Minifigure Fairy hack:

Fun LEGO minifigure hack that kids will love!

Take off the minifigure’s hair and place a small piece of Blu-Tack on the center of the butterfly shape. The Blu-Tack will keep the wings in place throughout the LEGO minifigure’s many adventures.

Add a new dimension to pretend play with this fun LEGO fairy hack!

Re-attach the hair, and your doll is ready to go! If your doll has short hair, you may want to remove the butterfly head before doing this to make the wings look more like wings and less like a butterfly. If you want super durable wings, you could always laminate the wings beforehand. I have been using this Scotch brand laminator since 2010, and it is great. AmazonBasics laminating pouches are more affordable than other brands and work well.

Turn your LEGO Elsa minifigure - or any LEGO minifigure - into a fairy!

So far, I have not laminated wings. It’s easy to punch out new ones when the old ones wear out.

Turn your LEGO Anna minifigure - or any LEGO minifigure - into a fairy!

Anna and Elsa were pretty fun before this transformation, but now they are ready for a whole new level of adventures!

Do you have a fun LEGO hack to share?

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