Children Love Playgrounds! Discover Learning Through Play

Have you ever stopped to think about all the things kids learn by playing on playgrounds? No wonder children love playgrounds – they are learning through play!

Why children playgrounds: playgrounds help children climb to new heights

When my two oldest children were young, I used to plan time to stop at a certain playground every time we went to the doctor’s office. On the rare occasions when, for one reason or another, we had to pass by without stopping, they were devastated. While my two younger girls rarely reacted this strongly, they also love playgrounds. Thankfully, this is a childhood passion that parents should be happy to give into!

Why Do Children Love Playgrounds? Discover Learning Through Play

Whether they realize it or not, playgrounds are wonderful spaces for children to learn through play! Here are a few things kids are learning through play on playgrounds:

Why children playgrounds: playgrounds allow children to explore cause and effect through sensory play.

Learning Through Play: Playgrounds Teach Cause and Effect

In the photo at the top of this post, Anna is exploring what happens to the sand as it falls out of the container. You can’t see in the photo, but it falls through the little holes into a slide tunnel, which then delivers it back to the playground.

Playgrounds Teach Perseverance

Why children playgrounds: playgrounds help children conquer fears

This “mountain” is pretty easy for Anna to climb now, but once upon a time she could only get a few feet off the ground. By returning to a playground over and over, children learn that – as they practice and grow – they develop new skills and can literally scale to new heights.

Playgrounds Teach Kids to Conquer Fear of the Unknown

This tunnel slides are one of Anna’s favorite things at playgrounds now, but once upon a time that dark tunnel was too scary for her.

Why children playgrounds: playgrounds allow children to explore their senses as they craft storylines

Playgrounds Provide Sensory Input

Children use sensory input to regulate their bodies, and to understand the world around them. Playgrounds provide the opportunities for sensory input that help children thrive.

Why children playgrounds: playgrounds give children a new perspective on the world around them.

Playgrounds Inspire Imaginative Play

Playgrounds provide wonderful inspiration for imaginative play. Through pretend play games, kids explore their hopes, fears, and dreams. On a playground, you can be anyone or anything!

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