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Learning about Opposites: Book and Activity

A fun book and activity to teach kids about opposites.

Learning about opposites: a fun book to read and a template so that children can make their own miniature opposites book.

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We were recently sent a review copy of The Hueys: What’s the Opposite? All four kids enjoy the book, but six-year-old Lily and three-year-old Anna are especially fond of it.

This picture book has gotten Lily especially learning about opposites by thinking up all sorts of opposite pairs, so I decided it would be fun for her to make her own little opposite book.

I made a printable opposite book template so that you can make your own. I also added a blank book template since these little books are fun to make. Fold the paper in half the short way, cut along the solid line, and then fold along the rest of the dotted lines. Fold the paper in half the long way to make the book – you will have to sort of flip out a couple of the folds, but in the end you will have a small six-page book (not including the front and back cover).

Teaching Kids Opposites: Book and Activity

Opposites list printable

Lily helped me come up with this printable list of opposites. It includes each of the pairs in the book – can you spot all of them? We printed out the list so that she could use it as a spelling reference. Lily does a lot of phonetic spelling, but sometimes she wants the words to be spelled correctly.

Opposites activity for kids

Lily mimicked the cover of the book for her mini book, but the inside pages are different. She did use the Huey characters, which are delightfully easy to draw.

Since my two younger kids are enjoying this book so much, I decided to find a few more opposites-themed books for them to read. These  are the favorites from the ones we found:

Do you have a favorite book on opposites that we should look up?

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