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Learning Laboratory: Tracing

preschool tracing

Johnny discovered the joy of tracing last week! He got the idea when his attempts to draw the lego figures pictures on the back of his Lego City: Fight This Fire! didn’t meet his expectations. He was trying to trace through regular paper, so I got him some proper tracing paper – and he was hooked.

The lines in the Lego City book were a little complex, so I had him pick out a series of drawings from coloring books. Here are two he did once he got the hang of keeping the paper still and following lines through:

preschool tracing

Emma joined in, tracing a few of her own coloring book pages:

kindergarten tracing

I suggested that they color in their tracings, but they weren’t interested. Johnny brought a bunch of his tracings to show to his baby cousin, though!

I think tracing is a great way for kids to learn to look at the details in a drawing, and to explore different drawing styles. It’s also excellent fine motor skill practice!

learning laboratory at mama smiles

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What fun and creative learning have you enjoyed this past week? Please link up and share – button code is in the sidebar, and text link are fine too!

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    What a great idea! Love their attention to detail, and also that Johnny brought his along to show his baby cousin. :) :)

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