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Learning Laboratory: Seasons

exploring our yard's changing landscape

Our snow is SLOWLY melting – probably a good thing, since I imagine that reduces flooding. Thanks to a little prompting from Lily the Outdoors Princess, the kids embarked on an exploration of the yard, looking for signs of spring.

spreading out to survey the landscape

They spread out in search of interesting things to look at,

discussing findings

Discussed their findings,

Emma and Lily explore the yard

And called one another over to admire each sign of spring.

Admiring the buds on our blueberry bush

They were probably the most excited about the new buds on our blueberry bush – hopefully we get to eat some blueberries BEFORE the chipmunks this year!

learning laboratory at mama smiles

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12 thoughts on “Learning Laboratory: Seasons”

  1. Can we trade you some raspberries and blackberries for blueberries? :) I bought two blueberry bushes, all excited to plant them, and then realized that they don’t grow well here. We are swimming in raspberries come June or so though!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you still have this much snow and it’s still so dang cold!

    I hope you get those blueberries soon too and nothing but Spring weather!!

  3. How neat that you have your own blueberry bush! Too funny that Lily is your outdoor Princess. She certainly looks pleased to be outside.

  4. @Amber – Supposedly you need two bushes (of different types?) to get blueberries. When we first moved into the house we bought two bushes and planted them, but they didn’t survive. Then I found this bush for $5 outside a grocery store and figured it was worth a try, and lucked out! There must be another blueberry bush somewhere in the neighborhood, because we got blueberries our very first year! Now to figure out how to EAT them before the chipmunk does…

  5. Looks like a lot of fun. Too bad we can’t do that thanks to NO SNOW at all this winter! In fact — hubby just put the sprinklers out in our yard this weekend!

  6. I saw a blueberry bush for sale yesterday and wanted to buy it. Having fresh blueberries at your fingertips?? Heaven.

    Looks like you guys have as much spring as we do–not much, lol! Slowly but surely. It’ll get here…

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