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Learning Laboratory: Playing with Sugru (plus a Quick giveaway!)

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Catherine and Nancy R!

Emma and Johnny play with their Sugru-created stamps

One of my brothers ALWAYS finds out about the newest ideas and inventions, so when he told me I should review Sugru on my blog, I listened. I did some research, and learned that it is a putty-type substance that cures in 24 hours into a waterproof and dishwasher-safe, strongly bonded yet flexible silicone. It’s NOT for kids to play with (they CAN play with cured Sugru), but perfect for grown-ups who like to fix things, experiment, and play! I emailed the company, and they were kind enough to send one pouch of 12 mini packs for me to play with, as well as two more pouches to give to my lovely readers!

Mike and I opened the first pouch after the kids were in bed, and had a lovely time making stamps for them. Except, we did something wrong. Do you know what it is?

Stamps made with Sugru

Stamps have to be mirror images of the thing you want to make! We both know that intellectually, but we both forgot! I guess there’s Daddy Brain as well as Mommy Brain going on in this house!

So, I gave the blocks to the kids to enjoy on their dressers until I got around to making the mirror image on the other side. I had to make the mirror images by myself, because Mike was out of town.

Stamps made with Sugru

Much better! I didn’t get the stamps completely uniform in height, but I like the rustic effect that gives – and so do the kids!

Decoration made with Sugru stamps

I still had 11 pouches of Sugru left, so I set to repairing other things around the house. I mixed black and green to fix the broken latch on my stroller:

stroller repair with Sugrustroller repair with Sugru

And more of the white to soften the rough edges of the foot of our ironing board. It had a plastic casing over it originally, but that got lost a while ago. And then I probably found it, but didn’t know what it was and threw it away. I like the Sugru better, anyhow.

ironing board repair with Sugru

We had a little bit of orange left over, so I put tiny dots on the backs of a couple of picture frames to make them lay flat against the wall. I did that with the leftover black sugru, too, but it doesn’t photograph as well.

picture frame straightened with Sugru

Then I used a bunch of blue and white sugru to repair Johnny’s Oball, which was falling apart. I repaired a small spot on Emma’s as well. I love Oballs, but I don’t love that ours are falling apart! Has anyone else had this happen with theirs? At least the Sugru fixed it!

oball repaired with Sugruoball repaired with Sugru

Do you want to see what you can make with Sugru? Just leave a comment by noon Eastern Standard Time September 6th (tomorrow!) saying you would like to be entered, and telling me one thing you would like to make! You can get inspiration from the official Sugru blog, as well as their online gallery. I’ll ship anywhere, but be aware that the package has a sell-by date of 9 September 2011, so if you are outside the US especially you may not receive it by then. The actual Sugru packets are good to use until 9 March, 2012.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

17 thoughts on “Learning Laboratory: Playing with Sugru (plus a Quick giveaway!)”

  1. I know the give away is over, but I just thought I’d let you (or your sponsor, if they happen to look at your post) that because of your post I’m ordering some tonight for my father-in-law, who loves fixing things in, um, creative ways (rumor has it he caught my mother in law’s eye when he fixed her shoe with a stapler). :)

    1. Yay! =)

      Your father-in-law will love it! The brother who told me to try it out has already gone through three packs of the stuff, and apparently he gave some to my other brother as a wedding gift!

  2. Oh, I just threw away our broken O-ball! Drat. After looking at the gallery, I am now wondering if it will repair the wallet I am too cheap to replace… :) Also, I have a learning lab. post, but did not have time to write it up this weekend. Maybe next week!

  3. Could you use it to make molds for polymer clay? I have some silicone molds to make little clay flowers and buttons. It would be fun to experiment with other shapes.

    1. Possibly! Cured sugru is resistant from -76F to 356F, and it cures to a flexible texture. It’s also washing machine and dishwasher safe, once cured!

  4. That is awesome! I went and saw the online gallery and wow, there are tons of ideas. That stuff would have come in really handy when my laptop cable started coming apart. Electrical tape wasn’t strong enough to keep it secure and it eventually split.

    Dave would find a million uses for it.

  5. Fascinating stuff! I am also thinking that my husband would find a 1000 uses for it, but I like the idea of doll house things ;)

  6. How neat! Maybe I would use it to repair a broken laundry basket. (I’ve never had them happen to our oballs!).

  7. I’m interested in being entered in the giveaway. I think I’d make some colorful little dinosaurs for my girls.

  8. I love how versatile this stuff is! I’d love to be entered. I think I would use it to soften sharp corners and edges as part of babyproofing.

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