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Learning Laboratory: Magic the Horse!

Feeding horse cookies to Magic's friend

On Saturday, we went to visit Magic the horse! First, the kids fed horse cookies to Magic’s friend.

Feeding horse cookies to Magic's friend

Magic was in the barn. He got cookies, too.

Brushing Magic the horse

Then they brushed Magic.

Lily scared of Magic

Lily was scared, and would only stand outside the barn.

Lily, fascinated by the horses

Soon she decided that horses are pretty cool! Although, she still wouldn’t go near one.

Johnny and J walking Magic

Johnny helped walk Magic out,

Johnny, thrilled to be riding Magic

And was thrilled to ride Magic. First slow, then fast!

Emma, thrilled to be riding Magic

Emma got to ride, too – with the biggest smile I have EVER seen on her face!

Walking Magic back to the barn

Then Emma helped walk Magic back to the barn.

climbing to the loft to get hay for the horses

Both Emma and Johnny climbed the ladder up to the loft.

carrying hay to the horses

They threw down hay bales, which they carried to the horses for their dinner.

pouring food into buckets for the horses

Then they measured out some grain, and carried it to the horses too:


This was SUCH a cool outing! Emma and Johnny have been before, but this was the first time I got to go. We all had a blast! Thank you, J!!!

Have you ever ridden or fed a horse?

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11 thoughts on “Learning Laboratory: Magic the Horse!”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    How very special! I’m so glad you were able to go along and capture the event on camera. Especially Emma’s delighted smile!!

    There were horses near where I had swim lessons growing up, and we would sometimes stop by on our way home and feed them breath mints, which were the only suitable thing my mom had in her handbag. The horses seemed to like them… :)

  2. What a fabulous experience. How fantastic to feed the horses as well.

    Savvy and Blakie have been on a pony. Blakie was very cautious but Savvy loved it.

  3. I can only imagine how much your kids must have loved this! I love how you captured Lily’s unsure face. I’ve never fed a horse (just donkeys) but I have ridden a horse. We used to own horses when I was younger. They are definitely fun to ride!

    1. They had SO much fun!!!

      I’ve been on a pony (once, when I was 7 years old), but never a horse. Maybe someday!

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