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Learning Laboratory: DUPLOS

Emma builds with DUPLO bricks on her building plate

Lego DUPLO bricks are one of my all-time favorite toys. I’ve gathered quite a collection for my kids through yard sales and thrift shops, but we only had one large building plate, that I had ordered as part of a review for CSN Stores. One building plate is hard for three kids to build on at once, so when I had the chance to write another CSN Stores review, I knew I wanted to order more plates! I ordered these large DUPLO building plates, and some smaller ones. As has been my experience with CSN Stores, the items shipped quickly, I received an email with tracking information, and they arrived when I expected them to, in great shape.

Johnny, Lily, and Emma play with DUPLO bricks and building plates

And now my three kids each have a large building plate, with several smaller ones to use to build houses (my favorite), airplanes (Mike’s favorite), or slides (their favorite)! Plus, we can build super-cool towers that go up to the ceiling! In the process they get to learn about geometry, architecture, and physics, especially when towers fall down!

They are very possessive of their large building plates, and refuse to share them OR to use another kid’s plate. At least they are as respectful of their siblings’ plates as they are possessive of their own! Are your kids like that?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

7 thoughts on “Learning Laboratory: DUPLOS”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    I hadn’t thought about large building plates, but I can see how you could build even higher that way. Nice!

    We don’t often have toys designated to each child. Instead we say, “it’s the family’s.” This applies to birthday and Christmas gifts as well. I’m too lazy to police toy usage!

  2. Oh, we love duplos here too. They get played with very often, as do the smaller legos by Joe and Hanna. Legos are such classics.

    Yes, definitely know what you mean about having to have a plate for each child!!

  3. Lego anything is awesome in my opinion! I absolutely love their durability and the fact that they provide my son with hours of entertainment!

  4. We have some of those big plates too and love them. I really like the slide idea – very cute.

  5. Those building plates are a great idea. We love Legos and are always building things. (and yes, my girls are possessive of all their toys).

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