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Learning Laboratory: Child-designed Shaker

Child-designed Shaker

Emma made this little shaker as a baby present for our new baby. I don’t expect it will last until then, but she is very proud of it!

Child-designed Shaker

She made it by taping together two Dixie cups filled with small pieces of cardboard. It works very well, and makes quite a nice sound!

learning laboratory at mama smiles

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From last week’s links, I love the paper mache jellyfish in this post from Schooltime Snippets. I also have plans to try out this chewy cookie recipe from B. Inspired, Mama! – who also put together this fantastic round-up of earth day activities! Have a toddler? Check out this adorable “Are You My Mother” storytelling activity from Inspiration Laboratories! Did you know a carrot stump could grow leaves? I didn’t, until I saw this new growth post at Rainy Day Mum. And my kids would LOVE this water play wall from Experimenting Mom.

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16 thoughts on “Learning Laboratory: Child-designed Shaker”

  1. Shakers are always a blast to both make and play with and then toss! I love making our own musical instruments…because they can make as many as they want…low cost…and low clutter! :)

  2. I love that Emma is already making presents…. Looks like you will have a big helper on your hands!!

  3. What a sweetheart. I thought my heart couldn’t get any bigger after the first baby, then I had another one and seeing the love siblings share is gut wrenching, in the best possible way :)

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