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Learning Laboratory: Bubbles!

Fun ways to enjoy bubbles with kids.

bubble fun for kids

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Bubbles are fun for all ages, but watching children chase bubbles is pure magic.

bubble fun for kids in the summer

For this summer, we invested in a simple bubble machine, and the kids have so much fun with it! I especially love that it keeps them running, running, running!

summer fun for kids - chasing bubbles

My kids love bubbles so much that they sometimes burst into song! See for yourself:

What fun, creative, hands-on learning have you been enjoying this week?

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24 thoughts on “Learning Laboratory: Bubbles!”

  1. Cute! I have to say: what green grass you have! Since temps have already been above 110 here, our grass isn’t doing so well.

    A bubble machine is so much fun!

  2. We have had a lot of fun with our bubble machine this summer too. Bubbles are so magical. We were at a birthday party a while ago and they had edible bubbles; even the adults were going crazy for them! Making beaded bubble wands is on our summer bucket list….maybe today!

    Oh, I am thinking of taking the kids to Boston for the day the end of July, not sure exactly when yet, but maybe we could meet up somewhere if you are around?

  3. We have tons of bubbles. Every summer people give us way too many bottles of bubbles, but it’s always fun to break them out and watch my girls chase bubbles around the yard.

  4. So adorable. The bubbles, the cute kids and the sweet ‘breaking into song’ is the perfect summer. I never had one of those but whenever my kids were somewhere with one they loved it.

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