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Learning About the Philippines With Kids


A few weeks ago, we were sent a copy of the book All about the Philippines, and it sent my kids and I off on an exploration of this fascinating archipelago. The book itself is a wonderful place to start, since it features stories, songs, crafts, and games for kids. My kids recognized Sungka as the game they know as mancala, and they say we need to make leche flan sometime soon. I think we will also play Piko – a Filipino version of the American game of hopscotch – as soon as the rain we are thrilled to finally enjoy dies down.

Learning About the Philippines With Kids

I reached out to some of my blog friends who I know through Multicultural Kid Blogs to continue our study of The Philippine Islands. I knew that they would have wonderful resources to share with my family, and I was not disappointed! Here are some posts they shared that we will be using to continue this study:

THE Philippines

I knew a little bit about the Philippines since I had several Filipino friends in high school, but I still learned a lot by reading the book and blog posts I have shared here. Do you have a post that my kids and I should visit, or a book that you recommend?

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  1. I just got that book in the mail too! I can’t wait to read it with the kids next week for geography, and now I’ve got lots of great ideas from this post to try out.

  2. You have to try the food too! My favorite — and it’s an easy recipe — is Adobo. It’s a pork or chicken (or both) stew cooked with vinegar, soy sauce, pepper corns, bay leaf and lots of garlic. It’s great with white rice. We eat this a lot!


    One of my kids’ favorite winter meals is “sour soup” which is pork rib tamarind soup with plenty of vegetables: bok choy, egg plant, daikon and green beans. We use a soup mix for that. Tomato optional


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