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Learning About Plants: Hands On Experiments for Children

Simple hands on experiments designed to get children interested in learning about plants and plant biology. All experiments can be done using everyday materials found at home. Perfect for home enrichment activities, summer camps, and home school.

Simple Experiments to Get Kids Learning About Plants

Plants are everywhere, and they offer all sorts of fantastic ways to get kids learning about biology. Today I’m sharing our favorite plant biology experiments.

Plant Experiments for Children

Teach kids to love science with these simple plant biology experiments.

Plant Science Kits for Children

Here are some fun science kits you can use to teach children about plant biology.

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Kits to Grow Plants

This Thames and Kosmos botany kit includes easy to grow plants.

Kids know plants have roots, but they start to learn how they really work when they see them in a Sprout & Grow Window.

Add on to my plants and sunlight experiment with this phototropism kit that also features an easy way for children to observe the roots of a plant.

Plant Cell Models

Plant cells are too tiny to see with your eyes; this 4D plant cell model helps children understand all the tiny pieces that make up each cell.

Learning resources offers a simpler cross-section plant cell model, if you are looking with something that doesn’t come apart into a tiny pieces.

Books About Plants for Kids

I love a good non fiction book for teaching children about science. Children can sit and absorb information at their own pace through text and illustrations.

Children love a good encyclopedia. This one has thousands of fascinating facts about plants from all over the world.

DK’s Plant book also features fascinating plant facts and a clip-art CD that is useful if you want to create your own printables to go along with the book.

More Gardening Ideas for Families

Gardening activities for families to enjoy together.

More Hands On Learning Activities for Kids

Today’s post is Day 1 in a 10 day series. Click on the image below to find more hands on learning activities for kids!

hands-on learning activities for kids

What are your favorite ways to get children learning about plants? Do you have a favorite experiment, or books or kits that you recommend?

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